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Even smart people believe stuff that’s not actually true. Take, for example, our culture’s love affair with striving. If you’ve ever worked hard to do life “right,” then you know what I mean. You may have worked hard, long hours, and then faulted yourself when your body rebelled against the stress. You may have baked the cookies, […]

Consistently Creative

Every day, I help writers step through the painful struggles that hold them back from creating fulfilling writing habits and careers. And every day – as a vocalist, musician and writer, I am traveling on this path, too. This weekend I found an old journal and I discovered a very clear intention I’d set, at […]

Writing Habit

I’m a late-adopter when it comes to media. (Case in point: my husband and I waited until 2014 to “discover” The West Wing — a full eight years after the series ended.) So imagine my surprise when I found myself binge-watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix this past week. Have you watched it? […]

Women Warriors

I’ve been happy this month, watching my clients grow and thrive as writers and busy, passionate people in the world! There have been big wins. For instance, Pamela Toler, a woman who’s authored more than a few books to-date, just published an important book, one that’s infused with her wit and voice and squarely centered […]


Behind the fabric of your busy days, dwells your most truthful self. It’s that writing part of you – always watching, thinking, feeling, sensing, saying. Sometimes you feel it as a rush of fresh language or ideas in your head. Sometimes, your heart aches with an untold story you long to give form to. Other […]

writing plan

Your response to last week’s article, Hey, Writer – Your Courage is Calling, was phenomenal!  Thank you for your messages, and I’m glad my ideas resonated for you.  Many of you wrote me to say that the article helped you believe in your voice, and be more courageous with writing. One writer shared with me a […]

follow up

Not long ago, I met a writer who desperately wanted cut through the clutter of her busy schedule and inner resistance so she could finally focus on writing. She had a book to finish. Her book was personally meaningful and commercially viable.  Not only was its concept well-developed and the book half-written, she’d successfully lined up people […]

writing struggle

What are you choosing to focus your energy and attention on today? Are you living daily with a painful voice inside, a voice that calls you out constantly for how little you’re writing these days… how difficult it is to enjoy your writing, (once you finally sit down to try)… and how short your falling with […]


I just got off the phone with a fascinating and motivated writer, a woman who confessed to me with shame that she must just be “too lazy” to write consistently. You see, for years, she’s struggled to create a regular writing habit.   It’s not that this writer doesn’t have a bit of time to devote to […]


Have you been dying to quit your job so you can spend more time on your writing?   This week, two of my clients did just that. One client left a professional position in an organization she’d outgrown, finally allowing herself the opportunities she needs to grow her writing career to its full potential. Another client, […]

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