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A few months ago, I spoke with an aspiring writer who spent most of her waking hours doing many good things.  Except writing. This woman worked full-time, and was accomplished in her field.  She paid attention to her body, and invested time and energy in regular exercise.  She was attentive to her children, her spouse, […]

productive writing

Summer.  Is this time of year frustrating and destructive for your writing?  If so, let’s chat. Some days, I experience summer as a languid and almost sensual force of flow and ease.  This midyear season can be quite lovely as it cloaks us with heat, warmth, spaciousness, and an unmistakable invitation to have fun, take […]


Lazy (defined):  a lack of desire to expend effort Do you have writing dreams you’re not pursuing with full effort (and heart)? Every week, I meet writers like you who are stuck, frustrated and aching to achieve their writing dreams. In the intimacy of our conversations, these smart, driven, frustrated writers share the same stories.  Do […]

Last night, it rained here in Northern California for the first time in many weeks.  The air this morning is brisk, clean and fresh. The sky is a piercing blue, post-rain.  Against this canvas, the greens of the leaves and shrubs seem rather electric and alive. Things inside my home feel more vivid and clear […]


I pulled an empty notebook off the shelf last week to give to my husband, who wanted to take some notes at an evening meeting.  When my ten-year-old saw the notebook’s black-and-white cardboard cover, she yelled out with excitement:  “That’s a COMPOSITION BOOK.  We have the same notebooks in our desks at school!” (It seems […]

Writing Passion

Oooh! I love it when this happens. After years away from her book, my client just told me she’s thrilled. She is writing consistently and productively again – almost daily! Using my powerful productivity system, Write a Book that Matters, this writer set a super-meaningful, (so-big-it’s-almost-daunting) 8-week writing goal she can’t WAIT to achieve. And […]

Your writing career is peppered with opportunities to take charge and get the results you want.  One thing I’ve learned from coaching writers like you for the past decade is this:  starting your day right is one of the fastest ways to improve your productivity and focus. To get you started, in today’s video tip for writers I’m […]

How to Write Productively After You Come Home From the Office It isn’t always easy to sit down and write productively after a full day’s work. Often my clients tell me they’re tired –- understandably so. Commutes, team meetings and hours spent writing, analyzing, pitching, proofing or planning…all these activities often demand significant physical, intellectual […]

In today’s video tip, I offer you a new perspective on productive writing.  So often, we focus on what we need to do.  In today’s tip, I share with you the one thing you need to give up: “Let This Go and Watch Your Productivity Soar” In other news, I’ll be publishing my newsletter on Tuesdays, […]

Start Stall Stop-Marla Beck 16-03-17

What’s underneath your unproductive habits?  Last week we talked about the perils of living and working by Cruise Control. Today  I’m going to introduce you to the 2nd most common “stuck syndrome” I see in my coaching practice. 2 Kinds of Stuck (part 2) Stuck Syndrome #2 – Start, Stall, Stop. Have you got an […]

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