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Reclaim Your Creativity and Create a Regular Writing Habit

by Marla Beck

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A few months ago, I spoke with an aspiring writer who spent most of her waking hours doing many good things.  Except writing.

This woman worked full-time, and was accomplished in her field.  She paid attention to her body, and invested time and energy in regular exercise.  She was attentive to her children, her spouse, her friends, her extended family and her home.  She was spiritually grounded, and often reflected on how grateful she felt for all she had and enjoyed.

You could say this aspiring writer was living a damn good life, right?

I’d agree.

In our private conversation however, this woman confessed to a gnawing, persistent pain that haunts her regularly – especially at night, whenever she’s got downtime or cannot sleep.

“Something essential is missing,” she said.

That something “essential” was this woman’s own voice: her creative flow and her writing practice.  Without a flowing river of inspired ideas and energy, without a dedicated time, space and structure to express herself, develop her craft and nourish her voice, this woman’s life lacked purposeful direction, hope and inspiration.

The vague, gnawing discontent she felt became more acute as her 50th birthday approached.  She imagined spending the next 5-10+ years feeling arid and unfulfilled, and the life she imagined seemed terrible.

The kind of life she was living was leading to a life that wasn’t entirely her own.  How could she be the mother she wanted to be, when she wasn’t filled up or happy deep inside?  How could she share new ideas, inspiring herself or others, if she didn’t write and publish what matters most?

This woman called me because she was done with suffering.  She didn’t know how, given her busy life and schedule, she could reclaim her creativity and create a regular writing habit.

She just knew she needed to change.  After we decided we were a fit for working together, we got to work quickly.  Together, we unpacked her struggles and efficiently cut through the overwhelm and limitations that were holding her back from writing and being her full self.

It’s been just a few months, and now this writer is writing consistently in the midst of her full and busy life.  She didn’t know this kind of balance and happiness was possible until she dared to believe it might be true. Once she had that inkling of hope, she signed up to talk with me to discover if my path would work for her… and it has.

If you met this woman today, she’d tell you that she’s got her life and voice and joy back.

All this is possible for you, too… if you possess the right combination of resourcefulness, commitment and trust.

I’m here to help you when you’re ready to get unstuck with your writing.  And please note: you are not crazy to want a vibrant writing life, no matter how much other wonderful stuff you do or have or enjoy or do in your life.

Writers need to WRITE to be fully themselves, to be fully happy.  Remember this always.

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