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The First Step to Writing Joy

by Marla Beck

in brilliant productivity

Last night, it rained here in Northern California for the first time in many weeks.  The air this morning is brisk, clean and fresh. The sky is a piercing blue, post-rain.  Against this canvas, the greens of the leaves and shrubs seem rather electric and alive.

Things inside my home feel more vivid and clear today, too.  Last week, I cleared my home of most everything I own that doesn’t bring me joy. (If you’ve read Marie Kondo’s popular book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you know exactly the process I’m referring to.)  I’d started this clearing process once before, but lost my focus and commitment when things got tricky.  Not this time.  Emboldened by a few days without my family at home, I re-opened the book last Monday and focused on following Kondo’s home tidying system exactly as written, step-by-step.  (Full disclosure: my husband and I still have the kitchen, sentimental treasures and our family photo collection to cull through.  We’re close, but not completely finished with this clearing project.)

I feel more nourished and inspired by our living spaces than I have in years.  I feel less hurried, and more powerfully present as I practice music.  It’s just easier to sit down at the piano.  Easier to relax.  Easier to discipline myself and really work on the scales and technical exercises I’m learning.

Every week, I hear from you all how stifled, overwhelmed or stuck you are with committing to your most important writing projects and finally finishing your book.  You live – daily — with that pain of not being fully YOU, of not investing your attention and time in ways that make you feel whole and alive and sexy and free… no matter how old you are.

And over years, as you gain wisdom and passion for what truly matters in your life and the world we share, that pain of not finishing, publishing and contributing YOUR STORY (be it fiction or non-fiction) grows and grows, until the pain of not doing what you know you’re meant to do becomes unbearable, and you wonder if you will ever manage to fall in love with writing again and publish the book that just might positively impact at least a small corner of the world.

Thing is:  the path to getting out of overwhelm and making your writing practice a priority you love always starts with you.  Any remedy you apply to improve your writing life is limited, if it does not acknowledge and address the ecosystem in which you live, work and write.

So today, I invite you to reclaim your writing joy with a simple first step:  boldly refresh your physical environment – completely and dramatically.

When you create space to create, and furnish it deliberately with things that spark beauty or joy in you, you’ll invite your creativity and enthusiasm to bubble to the surface again.  My clients have proved this again and again:  refreshing your physical space is the very first step to writing joy.

After you experience this first win and are ready for more energy, creativity and focus, reach out to me and we can get acquainted.  If I think I can help, I’ll walk you a step by step process to reclaim your writing focus, time, productivity and JOY… from the ground up.

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