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Reclaim Your Aliveness as a Writer (My Clients’ Stories)

by Marla Beck

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I’ve been happy this month, watching my clients grow and thrive as writers and busy, passionate people in the world!

There have been big wins.

For instance, Pamela Toler, a woman who’s authored more than a few books to-date, just published an important book, one that’s infused with her wit and voice and squarely centered in her passion. (Check it out: Pamela’s book is “Women Warriors: An Unexpected History,” published this month by Beacon Press and widely available at Amazon or your independent bookstore. If you are interested in women’s history, this is a must-read.)Women Warriors

As her coach, I helped Pamela re-engineer her writing career to allow her freedom, time and clarity to pursue projects she’s deeply passionate about. In a phone call recently, Pamela said: “I wouldn’t have gotten this far or this fast, had it not been for our work together, Marla.” I’ve been glowing with pride all month.

I’ve also been observing smaller-scale changes that’ve made my heart sing.

One client, in our wrap-up session, told me his wife asked him to tell me “thank you.” She thanked me for helping her husband feel happier, more free and more focused to develop his writing career and surrender to his creative writing passion. Being thanked by a spouse is not new for me, but it’s deeply moving every time it happens. Such a powerful reminder that when we take full responsibility for ourselves to be exactly and fully who we are as writers and creative people, everyone in our life benefits. Our spouses and friends see the glint in our eyes and fresh energy in our faces. Our kids appreciate our newfound patience. When we’re writing regularly and productively, we stop resisting all the things in life we need to do. Showing up fully for work becomes easier. Participating in our household becomes more pleasurable. We may even take better care of our bodies, our homes and our relationships…all because we’re spending regular time doing what makes us deeply happy.

The last best thing I’ve seen this month? Watching a writer bravely commit to stepping out of struggle after many painful years. It’s terrifically brave to take a stand for one’s writing. It’s courageous to ask for help. Every time I meet and welcome a new writer to my practice, I feel a bit of awe. So often, writing blocks and struggles are quickly and thoroughly remedied. So often, I’m able to help a busy writer balance writing, work, health and family in a simple, new way that truly works for them – and this shift happens fast.

Spring is here, and with it I’m freshly aware of all the growth and color and joy my clients are creating. It’s inspired me, and I thought it might inspire you, too.

If you’re mired in struggle, indecision, procrastination or pain around your writing, please take a step to solving it and reach out to me today. I can help you shift the gunk quickly, so you can find that passion, productivity and writing life-force you’ve lost and been aching for for years.

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