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brilliant self-care

When life gets very busy and we fall into habits of distraction and reaction, it’s important to approach flightiness and unfocused energy with deliberate and kind attention. Why?  Because we become what we do. And we lose our perspective — that part of us that imagines and executes brilliant things — when we simply react […]


Perhaps the years have brought you a “life-quake” or two – an experience that dramatically ruptured the plot of life as you once knew it. Suddenly, your world is peppered with daunting new characters, settings or conflicts. Suddenly, you’re required to become something different or new, in order to survive and thrive. My version of […]

Writing Habit

I’m a late-adopter when it comes to media. (Case in point: my husband and I waited until 2014 to “discover” The West Wing — a full eight years after the series ended.) So imagine my surprise when I found myself binge-watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix this past week. Have you watched it? […]

marching orders

A personal note today. My mother’s death this time last year was the last of a series of profound, life-altering events that have steadily cascaded through my experience since 2012.  The past five years have been an arduous passage for me, a time in life that has required me to draw on and develop deep […]


Last night I stayed up late, researching Christmas presents online.  I bookmarked items and filled my shopping cart.  I made mental lists and discovered a few items I might like, too. Quite a lot of mental energy and time can go into holiday gift-giving, yes? As this year’s season of celebration and generosity unfolds, I […]

A few weeks ago, my mother passed away. Mom was a reserved woman, and throughout my adult life I had often hoped for more intimacy between us. Although the closeness I yearned for never materialized, in her absence my brother and I discovered much evidence of love and connection among her possessions, including: a tin […]

Thank you for cheering me on last week as I took time off to do a personal retreat. It was nice to return to the office on Monday to find your encouraging notes in my inbox. As I mentioned in last week’s video, I decided to keep my retreat open-ended, and resist my usual habit […]

Your best productivity hack is one of the hardest to do: setting time aside to allow yourself to take an expansive, deep and real break from daily demands. What would you do with a few days entirely to yourself?  In today’s video, I’ll share with you my challenge with taking time off…and the choice I’m […]

    Warmest holiday wishes to you! Click below for a holiday greeting, and a special year-end exercise you can do next week.  So many of us are planning and setting intentions for 2016.  This simple practice will help you step into the new year feeling more grounded and confident and happy: Thanks for allowing […]


How’s your week so far?  How are you feeling?  I’m curious.  Since Monday… Have you spent a moment drenched in wonder? Have you surrended your time to a story, a song or a true feeling, and if yes, did you allow it to press beautifully, deeply into the heart of you? Did you nourish your […]

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