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Sometimes we writers forget that it’s our own responsibility to believe in the power of our voice and message and writing. (Especially if you come from an “allied profession” like business or law or technical writing, and you’re trying your hand at fiction for the first time.  You’re likely not used to failing, right?) Whether […]

c. 2015 Marla Beck I’m on a 6am flight out of San Francisco, headed to D.C. as I write this. Tomorrow my 8-year-old daughter and I will visit my mom on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. For now, my little one is drifting to sleep on her tray table with a squishy travel pillow under […]

Hello writers! Have you been feeling sluggish lately? Lost your zing and clarity for writing? If so, today’s “Quick Tip for Writers” is a mini kick-in-the-pants.   Click below watch it: After you watch, feel free to share you comments or questions with us over on my Facebook page: Have a productive, happy writing day!

Being a grownup writer can be fun, right? You can earn money in the marketplace with your writing, if you choose… You can help make the world a better place by volunteering or writing for organizations you care about… You’ve got the skills you need to develop interesting ideas, combine new elements, pursue new lines […]

  ‘Tis the season to be…overwhelmed? Holidays for anyone can be tough.  Holidays for writers can be especially challenging! – We want to enjoy the festivities and celebrate, give gifts and perhaps travel to be with our families… – We want to entertain friends and family without too much stress or resentment… – We want […]

If you’re a successful mid-career freelancer, I know something about you already: You’re smart.  You’re savvy.   And if you’re in my community, I’ll bet your writing career is going pretty well, too. But if you think you could be happier — better paid, more fulfilled or more engaged with your writing assignments — I’d like […]

  Not long ago I realized just how off-track my mornings had become. I was checking my email upon waking and sampling blog stats before breakfast. Under the guise of “keeping up with business” I was cramming my mornings with “busyness.” No surprise that my days began to lack energy and inspiration! Use these three simple suggestions to fine-tune your […]

  Recently I coached several mom writers who decided that they were too lazy to achieve their writing goals.  When I heard their stories and harsh self-judgments, it really broke my heart.  I wasn’t convinced they were “lazy” at all.  And I’m not convinced you are, either.  If you’re prone to feeling like a Lazy Writer, please […]

“Just as a painter needs light in order to put the finishing touches to his picture, so I need an inner light, which I feel I never have enough of in the autumn.”  — Leo Tolstoy Artists and yogis alike speak of the power of “inner light” — a subtle but powerful beam of insight, strength […]

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