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You can’t afford to ignore your marching orders

by Marla Beck

in brilliant self-care

A personal note today.

My mother’s death this time last year was the last of a series of profound, life-altering events that have steadily cascaded through my experience since 2012.  The past five years have been an arduous passage for me, a time in life that has required me to draw on and develop deep reserves of courage and faith; community and surrender.

By some measures, you could say I’ve been through hell.

By other measures?  You could say that I’ve had the most “unfair advantage” imaginable.

You see, it’s one thing to be intellectually aware of the life lessons I’ve recently been taught.  It’s quite another to know these truths deep in my bones, as ever-present, un-ignorable and quite urgent matters.

I call these hard-earned truths “marching orders.”  If you, too, have had life experiences that’ve taught you…

  • that life is short…
  • that there really are no big deals…
  • that health, creativity and joy are precious gifts…
  • that courageous actions are, in the end, worth it (no matter the outcome)…
  • and that love, connection and service to others are the building blocks of a deeply satisfying (and fun!) life…

I salute you, my friend.

You’ve got your marching orders.  And today, I ask you to consider this:  given the gift of “startle” you received when you walked through tough times or navigated big life experiences that made you re-see everything…

…how truly are you living and aligning yourself to this rare and hard-won perspective?

Are you living in your truth?

Writing or creating something each day?

Do you have strong self-care habits in place – simple routines that keep you healthy, energized, creative and connected to yourself and others?

Are you actively pursuing that creative project you so desperately want to bring into this world?

Each and every month, are you making meaningful, tangible progress with the writing, work or creative pursuit that matters most to you?

If your answer is no to any of these questions, why you allowing yourself to postpone or diminish your dreams?

You, too, have been given an “unfair advantage” – a sharply defined life experience or perspective that, for a time, has helped you to see what truly matters.

Whether you want to finish a book, get back to your writing, launch a speaking or consulting career, reclaim your creativity or re-infuse your life with a newfound sense of purpose and possibility, authenticity and focus…

You can’t afford to ignore what matters most.

(People who ignore their truths lie awake at night, straining against their too-small lives, craving the courage and purposeful, focused action they need to be fully and truly and clearly who they are…despite their obligations, despite their roles…despite their fears.)

You can’t afford to live like this, dear friend.  If you’ve got your own set of marching orders, then you have been given a precious gift of perspective, and you’ll only be truly happy if you allow your life experience to alter and shift your life.  In other words, it’s time to liberate yourself and take action to create the habits, energy and meaningful progress you so desperately crave.

I have a road-tested, step-by-step path to show you, when you’re ready.  I’ll guide you to enliven your creativity, your energy and your purpose.  You’ll create a consistent personal writing practice, clarify your goals and a project plan, and create more tangible, satisfying and on-track momentum than you’ve experienced in years.

Reach out here and we’ll set up a time to talk about your challenges and goals.

I look forward to helping you obey those marching orders.  At last!

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