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Your Writer Self is Calling

by Marla Beck

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Behind the fabric of your busy days, dwells your most truthful self. It’s that writing part of you – always watching, thinking, feeling, sensing, saying. Sometimes you feel it as a rush of fresh language or ideas in your head. Sometimes, your heart aches with an untold story you long to give form to. Other times, your mind nearly sparkles with a fresh connection you’ve just sensed or created.

If you are a writer, you know exactly what I am talking about – a rush of creativity, joy and personal power that comes when we synthesize, speak and create… that delicious current we sense within us when we write.

Creative impulses and writing urges are strong forces of nature. To deny our writing self is to dam up our energy, block our integrity and dampen our liveliness and truthfulness in life.

No matter how rich your life is, if you are a writer who is stuck, afraid or striving to allow yourself to practice your writing on a daily basis, you’re living with a terrible drain on your energy. Perhaps you’re judging yourself for not finishing writing projects that matter to you. Or you’re trying to convince yourself you really aren’t that jealous of your successful writer friends.

Perhaps you’re telling yourself lies you only half believe… like “I’ll write when I’m older,” or, worse: “Writing doesn’t really matter…”

You know your writing matters deeply.

You know you feel most alive (and most of-service to the world) when you write.

The writing life you dream of is absolutely possible, but you’ve got to grow into a fulfilling writing habit and productive writing life from the inside out

And here’s the rub: most folks simply cannot make this kind of dramatic, lasting inside-out shift on their own. They need a mentor — an experienced guide who understands deeply the nature of writing resistance and writing fulfilment and can lovingly, clearly challenge them to prioritize their writing, develop a consistent writing habit and set focused, savvy and true-to-themselves writing goals.

I am here to help. I only work with a select few writers at a time, and most of my clients — busy midlife women with full, productive lives outside of writing — are able to overcome their most painful writing blocks and create a sustainable, regular writing habit with my guidance, strategies and mentoring. It’s typical for my clients to achieve this result in just 4-6 weeks.

Imagine that it’s mid-March, and you’re writing consistently, productively and joyfully again. What difference would that make in your life? Your relationships? Your health and happiness?

Are you ready to feel more YOU?

Get in touch with me today to take your first, simple step to writing freedom.

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