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Are you a midlife writer?  Have you been struggling to put your writing first, when there are so many other responsibilities competing for your time, your attention and your focus? You are not alone.  One of the biggest challenges busy, midlife writers share with me is this:  they know how to hit their deadlines for […]

marching orders

A personal note today. My mother’s death this time last year was the last of a series of profound, life-altering events that have steadily cascaded through my experience since 2012.  The past five years have been an arduous passage for me, a time in life that has required me to draw on and develop deep […]


A few years ago, I worked with a writer I’ll call “Trudy.”  Trudy was a thoughtful, ambitious woman who cultivated a busy personal life and a successful career she truly cared about.  In nearly everything this determined woman focused on, Trudy excelled. On paper, you’d say Trudy had “made it” — for Trudy consistently made […]


Yesterday was the first (non-holiday) Monday of 2018. Were you excited to wake up?  Eager to start your day?  Did you walk through your day feeling on-task and highly capable?  Sexy and empowered?  Happy? Did you glow with that alluring kind of aliveness that comes from being creatively awake and engaged again? If not, then why? Are […]


One of my favorite clients came to me with a terrible ache and longing to get back to her writing.  She’d tried, unsuccessfully, to devote more time to creative writing and she’d tried, unsuccessfully, to focus on her projects until they were done.  Year after year, she attended literary readings and supported her friends’ writing […]


A few days ago, I backed my car out of our driveway and onto the road.  I quickly shifted gears and pressed the accelerator. Although I’d shifted the transmission into DRIVE, I immediately noticed a significant drag on my car’s momentum.  The car was moving forward — just not very fast! That’s what happens, I […]


Last night I stayed up late, researching Christmas presents online.  I bookmarked items and filled my shopping cart.  I made mental lists and discovered a few items I might like, too. Quite a lot of mental energy and time can go into holiday gift-giving, yes? As this year’s season of celebration and generosity unfolds, I […]

Making Art

Last Sunday, I spent the day with eight talented singers in a daylong Vocal Improv masterclass.  (If you like Bobby McFerrin, then you can imagine the kinds of sounds and songs we improvised together.) Setting a full day aside for myself wasn’t easy.  Even your coach occasionally struggles to prioritize time for writing, art or […]


Take a moment to reflect with me.  Can you remember a time when… …working on your personal writing projects was exhilarating and fun? …pitching your dream magazines felt thrilling? …submitting creative work to literary journals or contests was something you just did — each and every week? Remember how good it felt to focus on […]


Chances are, you got into freelance writing with your passion and dreams intact.  Maybe, when you first started out, you dreamed of… getting paid to work in your pj’s and slippers… walking the dog during the workday and picking up the kids after school… doing a load of laundry or the dishes between assignments… making […]

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