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Discouraged with Your Lack of Writing Progress?

by Marla Beck

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At a Portland farmer’s market years ago, I once picked up a brightly-painted greeting card with this text on the front:

“Not every day can be a feast of lanterns.”

I bought several copies of the card, and shared them with a few friends through the years.

Except for one.  That one, I keep for myself.  Because the image painted on the front is resplendent in its watercolory gorgeousness, and the card’s message is clear and true.

As a writer, you are not a machine.  Yes, you may be able to hit consistent word counts (I’m all for that).  You may be able to deliver to deadline reliably and repeatedly. But when it comes to your biggest writing goals, be they personal, passionate, creative or potentially profit-generating or world-changing…

…you’re bound to have an off day.

When you’re focused on a writing goal you REALLY WANT, you’re bound to struggle, sometimes, with resistance, distraction, writing blocks and fear in many forms.

And that’s okay.  You’re human, remember?

writing progressAnd…

If your writing feels more like struggle than a joy…

If you know you can get things done and write, but you’re just not doing it – at least with this  project…

If you’ve been calling yourself “lazy” or “undisciplined,” even though you know, deep inside, that you aren’t…

If you get so discouraged that you wonder, sometimes, if maybe you’re meant to put down the pen and quit trying to finish that book, pitch that publication or submit that piece altogether…

…you have a big writing problem.  And unless you address what’s really going on underneath the struggle, you’re not going to feel good.  You’re not going to get your writing done.  You’re not going to further your career, earn that money, see that byline or get that agent.

You’re just going to stay mired in frustration and self-doubt and anger at yourself and… Ick.

The years will click by.

The number of times you snap at your partner or sibling or kid after they ask you about the state of your unfinished book will make your head spin.  (And damage your vitality and relationships).

Don’t make this mistake.

It’s absolutely true that every day cannot be a joyfully productive, fantastically passionate, goal-getting writing day.

However, if you’re stringing these un-joyful/passionate/goal-getting days together, and you’ve passed the 6-month mark, the year mark or (in the case of some of my clients) the decade mark…

…it’s time to fix what’s holding you back.

This world needs your perspective and your voice.

You need the creative boost, energy and deep satisfaction that comes with taking your writing seriously and putting your work out there in a bigger way.

I’m here to help you turn your writing discouragement into amazement.  If you are fit for my approach, we can fix the struggle and stuckness for you, fast.  Reach out to me here.

And please:  be gentle – and unflinchingly honest – with yourself and your writing.  Any other way is cheating yourself of writing progress and personal fulfillment and success.

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