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Think You Don’t Need a Coach?

by Marla Beck

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I recently welcomed a vibrant, ambitious writer to my practice. During her complimentary “Get Acquainted” Call with me, she mentioned she’d been following me for a few years online –  reading my blog, etc.

“What took you so long to get in touch, then?” I asked her.

She replied, “I really didn’t think I needed a coach.”

(If I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard a writer say “I didn’t think I needed a coach,” I bet I could take my family to Lake Tahoe for a week. No exaggeration!)

So let’s explore this. Do you truly not need a coach? Can you just do this writing thing on your own?

Of course you can.  

It is entirely plausible that you can prioritize writing and get back to focused, enjoyable and disciplined writing on your own.  

Might take you a long, long time though. (Don’t believe me? Ask yourself how many years it’s been since you wrote the way you know you’re capable of.)Writing Coach

Without help, you also may never get to the hidden gunk inside, that stuff that keeps you from learning how to set and HONOR YOUR OWN DEADLINES, versus always relying on external deadlines, writing groups or challenges to get your writing done.

So why do savvy, high-achieving writers hire a coach, then?

1 They understand that something else must be getting in their way.

Maybe they’ve been working with a therapist, or asking questions of writer-friends to solve their writing challenges. Maybe they’ve been voraciously seeking answers on the internet – reading writing blogs, asking questions in writer forums.

Thing is, a human spirit is a delicate thing.

Chances are good that, if you find yourself struggling to intentionally and consistently focus on your writing, some unseen factors are at play. These limitations hold you back from being able to motivate yourself consistently and sustainably. They block your writing eagerness and joy. They keep you stuck in an endless loop of spinning your wheels, hating on yourself for not reaching your writing potential, and remaining pretty quiet, when you have so much to say.

Therapists, writing challenges, writing communities are wonderful, useful resources. To get at the root cause of your writing challenges, though, you need someone who knows what it’s like to be a creative. You need someone who’s familiar with the writing industry. You need someone who specializes in spotting your own unique struggle-spots. You need someone to offer you personalized strategies and hold you accountable to changing your writing from the inside out.

I have devoted the past fifteen years of my professional life to helping writers do just that, and I practiced what I teach in my own life, too. Look no further, dear writer, if you feel ready to discover what’s truly holding you back from writing like you know you can.

2 They know they can’t figure it out on their own. (Lord knows, they’ve tried).  

High-achieving writers know that every month that goes by without unapologetically writing means they are missing out – missing out on money, new bylines, publishing opportunities and career growth. Each kind of loss hurts their hearts. Each kind of loss hurts their pocketbooks, too.  

Deep inside, they know that if they just allowed themselves expert help, they’d quickly move towards receiving more money, career momentum, publication credits and writing community than ever before.

They know that allowing themselves to surrender their self-reliance and allow themselves help is the fastest path to saying yes to writing…and to joy.

3 They trust the experience of other high achievers.

Can you imagine a basketball team without a coach? Who would help the players fine-tune their moves? Grow their resilience and the fires-in-their-bellies?  Who would help them clearly SEE their vision and goals? Who would guide them step-by-step with strategies to get there?

High-performing executives, athletes, small business owners and savvy, passionate people rely on a coach to challenge, support, inspire and guide them to their most fulfilling and successful version of themselves and their work. They rely on a coach to help them set and get to their goals in record time.

4 – They don’t waste time asking “why.”

Savvy writers don’t ask why they need a coach (or pressure themselves to not need one).

They simply rely on a coach… and they don’t apologize or beat themselves up for needing one.

Instead, they focus on feeling grateful that such help exists.

5 – They understand the power of investing.

Whether they are trying to finish a novel, launch a freelance writing career, write consistently and publish more writing they care about…

…high-achieving writers understand the power of investing.

They may not see exactly HOW they’re going to get where they’re going, but when they find a coach who sees deeply and offers a pragmatic, soulful path to writing success… they back their writing goals with intuition, belief in themselves and a solid investment of energy, time and money.

They do not see coaching as an “expense.” They see coaching as an investment in a fast path to the writing future they desire.

Are you a high-achieving writer? If so, I encourage you to engage the help that’s available to you, so you can finally get serious about writing, learn to enjoy the process again and reach your publishing goals quickly and happily.  

I am happy to talk with you about your writing goals and challenges when you are ready. Contact me here.

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