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From the Heart?

by Marla Beck

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In the deep earth of many women’s lives dwells something nearly magical:  a truthful, powerful river of longing, creative power and passion.

You might not see this creative energy when you glance at the woman across from you in the produce section.  You might not sense that underlying passion when she’s passing you with the kids in the back seat, or perched in front of that computer monitor, combing spreadsheets or booking travel.

Trust me, though:  that thin thread of passion and possibility is always there —  thrumming, churning and persistently insisting on creative expression.

That’s why, when a creative woman sits down to invest in making art, stories or music, when a brave woman manages to commit her time, focus and courage on creativity for a few minutes or an hour… the woman who stands up afterwards is a woman more true, more whole, more happy.

Remember the last time you really wrote?  Creative practice makes us whole.

As summer winds down, many writers begin to think about fall plans and schedules.  It’s the perfect time to be prepared and organized. (And… etc.)

As you craft your schedule and goals, however – I implore you not to make the biggest mistake I see writers make with their writing schedules and careers:  don’t overlook the needs of your heart.

✔ Commit first to prioritizing your writing this fall, without the stress.

✔ Revisit your vision and publishing goals, so you are making the absolute most of your voice, point-of-view, time and talent.

✔ Reconnect to (and replenish) your life’s purpose.  Dare to truly dream!

If these ideas sound daunting or impossible for you, they needn’t be.  You just need an experienced guide and mentor, someone to show you how to glide past writing blocks and challenges that have held you back for years.  Once you learn this new framework and adapt simple habits and tools, you’re posed to re-ignite your writing practice and career from the inside out, and you regain the FREEDOM to reclaim your writing focus and move forward quickly… without feeling conflicted or drained.

As of today, I have just two openings for private clients this fall.  If this message resonates for you, contact me today and we’ll set up a time to talk about your writing goals and explore whether a coaching partnership between us makes sense for you.

If fear holds you back from taking this simple step, I ask you to think deeply about two simple questions.

  1. When will you surrender to your dream to publish stories that serve the world, without restraint, drama or exhaustion?
  2. What’s at stake, if you continue to ignore the creative river within you?
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