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Like You, I’m Very Happy (When I’m Consistently Creative)

by Marla Beck

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Every day, I help writers step through the painful struggles that hold them back from creating fulfilling writing habits and careers. And every day – as a vocalist, musician and writer, I am traveling on this path, too.

This weekend I found an old journal and I discovered a very clear intention I’d set, at age 49, to nurture and develop my own creative work:  

Next year (my 50th), I will shift my focus to nearly full-time music study and practice, and by Dec 2018 my voice will be rehabilitated and expressive again. My creative juices will be flowing, and I will have achieved very good competency as a jazz pianist.

It’s now April 2019 and I turned 51 in December. To my delight, I discovered that I’ve done almost exactly what I’d set out to do.

This past January, I enrolled in a vocal improvisation intensive (think: Bobby McFerrin), and am committed to a daily music practice – building craft, voice and technique.

Today my voice is rehabilitated and more expressive than ever.  

Consistently CreativeMy creative juices are flowing abundantly – in my home life, work and music.

I’m still far from becoming a competent jazz pianist (!), but I have made a start, learning the major scales in 3 octaves, and now moving fairly convincingly through a book of jazz standards.  

I’ve also taken up Appalachian mountain dulcimer. I’ve written and performed original music on flute, guitar and piano. I have new creative friends and community, and a context I didn’t have before.

Like many of you, I’ve rediscovered (at the level of experience) a foundational creative truth:

  • When I am BEING creative…
  • When I am DOING my art consistently…
  • When I am ENJOYING creative context, community and support…

I am a very happy woman.

I’ve been able to balance art-making with my rich, full life. Perhaps I honor my relationships, health and career even more fully, now that I’m working every day at my art. I’ve done this quickly and relatively easily because I simply used my own framework and tools to create change… these are the very same skills and systems I teach to writers every day.

Now, let’s talk about you.

Are you aware of the clock ticking? (You aren’t getting any younger, you know.) Are you going to allow yourself to go to the grave without learning to achieve your writing potential?

The first step is to move towards your writing dreams is to decide YES: “Yes, I want and deserve the writing habit and life I know I’m capable of.”

Even if you’re scared as the dickens.

Even if you barely believe your dream is possible.  

Get really honest and articulate it all — your fears, your doubts; your dreams and excitement. Then get someone on your side — someone who sees your heart’s desire, shows you a practical path and holds you accountable to taking joyful, strategic and consistent writing actions.

It’s tough to make and sustain big changes all on your own. If you’re truly serious about upping your writing game, you’re going to need a mentor. Better to start out with great habits (vs. re-forming them, later on).  

Get in touch, if you want my help. I’m here to help you create the writing life you deserve.

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