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When “I’m Not Writing” No Longer Works

by Marla Beck

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It’s a warm spring day here in Northern California, with wild poppies, purple lupine and cultivated daffodils blanketing hillsides and yards and roadside medians with pops of gorgeous color. After months underground, the flowers are everywhere – unapologetically vibrant. Unapologetically alive!  

Today, I invite you to consider your writing life in this fresh light of spring.

Ask yourself:

What feels alive in my writing?  

Where are the dead spots in my writing life?  

How am I holding myself back?

Which projects require pruning?  

What do I need to FINISH first?

Many writers I work with describe the pain of knowing there’s something not working in their writing life – and that “not working” piece is not a question of knowledge, skill or confidence… it’s a pattern of holding themselves back from finishing what they write and publishing writing that truly matters.

I know firsthand how truly uncomfortable it is to walk around on a bright spring day, everything infused by aliveness and possibility, while you struggle with stabbing pains of frustration, regret and self-contempt. When writing isn’t working right, it’s like a precious, vibrant part of you is dead. You have no creative juice. You have no career momentum. You have no sparkle in your eyes – that knowingness that there’s one thing that’s yours, and yours alone: your writing.

Perhaps your unfinished manuscript is the only thing standing between you and career momentum. So why can’t you finish? That writing habit you managed to cultivate once? It’s buried under the rich earth of a busy, fulfilling life. Even though it’s a lovely full life, there’s something missing, and sometimes your creative needs call to you, and may not even let you sleep some nights.

You are a writer, someone who knows that a very true and vibrant part of who dwells within.

Do what you must to expose your creative truths and needs to the light. Do what you need to finish what you write, publish what truly matters, and – like a sturdy spring blossom who’s spent her time underground – unapologetically bloom.

p.s. – If today’s post resonated for you, I encourage you to watch this space. In the coming week, I’ll be sharing a very special resource to help you.

p.p.s.s. – Ready now to reclaim your writing focus and productivity? Contact me here and we can set up a time to talk.

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