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Struggling to write what matters most? This is the step you’re missing.

by Marla Beck

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I pulled an empty notebook off the shelf last week to give to my husband, who wanted to take some notes at an evening meeting.  When my ten-year-old saw the notebook’s black-and-white cardboard cover, she yelled out with excitement:  “That’s a COMPOSITION BOOK.  We have the same notebooks in our desks at school!”

(It seems my daughter shares my love of office supplies.)

More so, my daughter’s enthusiasm reminded me of my own excitement – which persists, even now, especially in September – for brand-new, empty notebooks, file folders and Word documents.  So much promise!  So much potential.

It can be tempting to think that a new notebook, writing time or work schedule is the missing key to finally editing your manuscript, researching a pitch or sending your work out for publication.  As you probably know from experience though, whether you’re able to admit it now or not, fixing the outer trappings of your writing career is not the path to achieving your writing goals.

The real path to transform your writing and finally achieve your most important writing goals begins with a simple task:  you must fire up your clarity, drive, purpose and belief.  Build this kind of solid, vibrant and on-point foundation for yourself, and all the new notebooks, productivity hacks, time makeovers and strategies available to you will work to your advantage.

Skip this important inner process, and you will find yourself opening yet another new notebook next September, feeling the promise of creativity, focus and productivity, but knowing deep inside that you’re fooling yourself into spinning, spinning, spinning — and wasting yet another year.

Listen, it’s already September.  2018 is right around the corner.  Will you arm yourself with the mentoring and method you need to radically transform your freelance writing career into a business that supports your REAL writing goals?

Or will you choose to settle, and content yourself with a brand-new notebook —  instead of a brand-new and fulfilling writing career?

Reach out to me today to set up a time to talk with me and learn more about how I can help you find the time, freedom, structure and clarity you need to write what matters most.  You can find me here:


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