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Day Job Getting in the Way of Your Writing?

by Marla Beck

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Have you been dying to quit your job so you can spend more time on your writing?  

This week, two of my clients did just that.

One client left a professional position in an organization she’d outgrown, finally allowing herself the opportunities she needs to grow her writing career to its full potential.

Another client, a freelance writer, just turned down paying work she used to feel compelled to take on, and she did it without blinking an eye.  How? I taught her how to carve out more time to pitch dream publications in the midst of a successful freelance business…without losing money or creating more stress.

In the past, other clients have discovered ways to show up for their careers, families, and writing — without feeling conflicted, guilty, resentful or exhausted. How?  We explored their priorities.  Set goals that truly “fit” their lives and circumstances.  Cleaned up their agendas.  Optimized the way they write — so writing not only became productive and consistent…it became fun again.

Bringing in money is important!  If your day job is getting in the way of your writing though, something’s wrong.

Why?  Because a life of excitement, vitality, passion and meaningful contribution is absolutely possible for you, no matter what your circumstances are.

WritingYou can master your time.

You can pursue your passion without denying yourself income, time with your family, or health to get there.

You can make significant steps to sharing your work more powerfully…finishing what you write, submitting work you’re proud of…and ramping up and focusing on these goals doesn’t have to take forever.

Your path to more writing time is shorter than you think.  To get there quickly though, you need a guide.

Can you imagine how amazing it’s going to feel, when you put systems in place to help you master your personal priorities, your time and energy, your job, your creativity, your fears and all those other obstacles that keep you from sharing your passion and perspective more powerfully with the world?

Your writing career can change for the better starting NOW.  The secret?  You have to allow yourself to decide it can be done.  Even if you don’t yet know how.  And next?  You have to allow yourself to simply get started.

Here’s how to fire up your writing career….even if you work a demanding full-time job right now:

1 – Decide it can be done.  Need evidence?  I’ve shared two specific case studies right here, and I’ve got handfuls more from folks I’ve coached through the years.  You can work and write at high levels.  At the same time.

2 – Believe it can be done (even if you don’t yet know how).  Believing there’s a path when we cannot see it is tricky sometimes…especially if you tend to need to see evidence, proof or a clear path to where you want to go before you set out.  Hate to break it to you, but it’s right here where many writers take themselves offline before they even give themselves a chance to begin.  Trust yourself.  If others have worked hard and written well, there’s no reason you can’t too.  You have to believe it’s possible.  Believe it can be done.  The magic happens when you let yourself act on this thought and simply get started.  (Step 3.). That’s where the magic happens, and almost mysteriously we begin to discover resources, ways, systems, paths we couldn’t imagine before we let ourselves believe our writing could be possible in the very life we have.

3 – Allow yourself to simply get started.  I’ll give you simple tip, here.  Look for something to clear from your docket — whether it’s a pile of papers you no longer you need; a commitment or role you’ve outgrown in work or home life; or a bit of writing block baggage you’ve been carrying around.  The energy you spark will be perfect kindling to make and keep a tiny , new commitment to your writing — something you can nurture and grow into the weeks and months ahead.

4 – Don’t struggle alone. You won’t believe how quickly and enjoyably you can resolve painful tension between your life, work and writing.  All you need to do is partner with an experienced guide, someone who can help you sidestep sinkholes and step out of stuck or limited thinking that’s been holding you back.

This week I am setting aside time to talk to 3 writers who know in their bones it’s time to stop postponing writing success, start blasting through their old blocks and start taking bold, intelligent action to achieve their biggest writing goals.

If you are ready to reclaim your writing freedom (and feel open to doing the work it’ll take to get you there), contact me now and share with my your biggest writing struggle.  If we seem like a fit and you’re on of the first handful of writers to contact me, I’ll be in touch to set up a time for us to talk.

You don’t have to know exactly HOW you want to rebalance your professional career and your writing.  Deciding you intend to do so — and then allowing yourself to believe it’s fully possible, even for you — is the very first step.  Follow this up with tiny, consistent writing action, and you’ll be closer to your fulfilling writing life than you’ve been in years.  I’m here to save you years of isolation, struggle and wasted effort.  Reach out if you want help getting your writing done.

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