Coach Marla Beck

On the Other Side of Your Writing Struggle

by Marla Beck

in brilliant writing career

What are you choosing to focus your energy and attention on today?

Are you living daily with a painful voice inside, a voice that calls you out constantly for how little you’re writing these days… how difficult it is to enjoy your writing, (once you finally sit down to try)… and how short your falling with how much (or how well) you’re writing?

Are you longing to feel joyful, hopeful and focused like you once felt with your writing?

If so, fair enough.  It’s good to acknowledge the truth of your situation, even if it’s not comfortable.

And now, I invite you to do a mini experiment with me.

Allow all your writing frustrations and pains to bubble up inside you.  Truly feel all that tangly, awful writing disappointment, discouragement, anger, fear or shame that’s’ inside you.

Now, step back and look at yourself.  (It helps to take the point of view of a movie camera, zooming out, out, out.)  View yourself — this unproductive, unhappy-with-her-progress writer – as objectively as you can.  Can you see all the energy, time and dreams this struggling writer is sacrificing to her writing blocks?

Alternately, can you see the vibrant writing world that awaits this struggling writer, once she transforms her blocks into focused, productive action?

Imagine yourself now as that writer.  The successful writer you KNOW you can be, deep down inside.

  • Are you enjoying your writing again?

  • Do you feel confident again, and crystal clear about your writing path and goals?

  • Are you experiencing the life-affirming, career-building joy of writing consistently and productively?

  • Have you claimed more time to write, and protected that time with confidence?

  • Have you completed a meaningful writing goal?

  • Do you feel a profound sense of aliveness and awareness of the creative river within you?

Every single one of those questions points to a specific, achievable outcome my coaching delivers.

Every single one of these writing transformations is possible for you, too.  Writer after writer after writer – journalists, creative writers, savvy professionals in other fields who desperately want to resume a creative practice (or finish their damn book) – change their writing stories from struggle to success, with my guidance and step-by-step system to transform their writing habits, lives and careers.

In every single case, these writers took the same powerful first step to transformation.  They decided to shift their focus from STRUGGLE to SOLUTION.  When they couldn’t see the solution for themselves, they decided to stop struggling, and hired me to teach, guide and empower them to reclaim their writing time and talent.

Let these writers’ experience inspire you today.

The moment you are ready to say YES to solving your writing problems (vs. continuing to stay committed to your struggles), I invite you to reach out to me.

I’ll get you to the other side of writing struggle quickly.  So you can use and direct all that time, energy and passion to creating the writing that matters most – writing that makes a little — but meaningful! — dent in this great big world we share.

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