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A Writing Career of Bright Purpose

by Marla Beck

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Last week I met a talented freelance journalist and content writer.  She had so much going for her — great bylines; recurring assignments; a six-figure revenue; and a few big ideas to research and pitch.

Despite these assets, this independent writer was missing two crucial elements that were keeping her stuck and unable to dig into her most meaningful writing projects.  This writer was low on PASSION and PURPOSE.  Without these key drivers, all of her earnings and professional success amounted to a big fat “meh…” when I asked how her writing career was going.

She wasn’t thrilled, fulfilled or energized by her writing any more.  She was writing for the money, unconsciously postponing her writing joy for some vague and distant  day in the future.

If you can relate to this writer’s story, I ask you to consider this:  what is it going to take for you to take control of your career?  To pursue your own writing that matters most with the eagerness, focus and drive you used to have when you were first starting out?

You may not think you’re damaging your writing career by focusing only on the money.  (“Two years…five years…what’s the big deal?”)

If you’re a born writer though, someone who absolutely must develop new ideas and write in order to be happy, you will never be able to find the satisfaction and contentment you’re looking for until you first acknowledge your need to use your talent and your writing power.  In this calculus of truth, every day you spend not writing what matters most chips away at your vitality, your passion and your  satisfaction with your life and writing career.

Happy writers write what matters most, and your independent writing career offers you the perfect launch pad for a writing career you truly love.  Imagine making the money you want and creating enough distraction-free writing time that you’re able to finish your novel, pitch dream publications and work on your craft.  Imagine feeling free enough to write what matters most, while feeling confident your writing business is under control and on-track to meet your goals.

It’s entirely possible to create this kind of bright and purposeful writing career.  If you and I are a match for working together – if you’re ready to change and take responsibility for creating a passionate writing career you truly love — I can help you get there fast.

Contact me here when you’re ready to take charge of your time, business and writing career.

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