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What are you choosing to focus your energy and attention on today? Are you living daily with a painful voice inside, a voice that calls you out constantly for how little you’re writing these days… how difficult it is to enjoy your writing, (once you finally sit down to try)… and how short your falling with […]


I just got off the phone with a fascinating and motivated writer, a woman who confessed to me with shame that she must just be “too lazy” to write consistently. You see, for years, she’s struggled to create a regular writing habit.   It’s not that this writer doesn’t have a bit of time to devote to […]


Have you been dying to quit your job so you can spend more time on your writing?   This week, two of my clients did just that. One client left a professional position in an organization she’d outgrown, finally allowing herself the opportunities she needs to grow her writing career to its full potential. Another client, […]

Writing Career

Last week I met a talented freelance journalist and content writer.  She had so much going for her — great bylines; recurring assignments; a six-figure revenue; and a few big ideas to research and pitch. Despite these assets, this independent writer was missing two crucial elements that were keeping her stuck and unable to dig […]


My client’s voice lit up brightly today as she recalled how fun pitching stories used to be when she was just starting out as a freelance writer. “I used to be so excited about finding ideas,” she said.  “I loved it.  I’d think, ‘Ooh,  I see an idea in the world — I can develop that and bring […]

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It’s time for you to fall back in love with your freelance writing career, your craft and your life. Why? Because the years ebb by fast.  Before you know it, a decade’s gone by and suddenly you see that most  of your talent, your passion, your potential… is stymied.  Stuck.  As-yet unexpressed.  Unrealized. “Falling in love again” with […]

If you’re learning from a mentor or editor, there WILL come a time when you hear negative feedback about your work. How will you respond? Here are some tips for you, gleaned from many years coaching writers just like you: Enjoy and let me know what you think over on my Facebook page. With love […]

This week, a woman I’ll call Jenny told me what I hear so often from aspiring non-fiction authors:  her book project?  It’s stuck.  Jenny is so stuck that her book idea – that concept she was passionate about years ago, has remained on her hard drive, neglected and abandoned for years. One day, Jenny told […]

My jaw dropped after we hung up the phone.  I was just talking to a former coaching client this week, a man I’ll call Timothy. Timothy hired me a few years ago, because he desperately wanted to reclaim his creativity and create a steady, productive writing practice. You should know this about Timothy:  he was […]

Who makes up all these writing rules we read about on the internet? “Real writers write every single day.”   “The more you write the better.  Push through and write.”   “Real writers get up to write early in the morning.” While these practices work well for many people, they certainly don’t determine who is […]

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