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Timothy’s Writing-Centered Life

by Marla

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My jaw dropped after we hung up the phone.  I was just talking to a former coaching client this week, a man I’ll call Timothy.

Timothy hired me a few years ago, because he desperately wanted to reclaim his creativity and create a steady, productive writing practice.

You should know this about Timothy:  he was impressively accomplished and capable.  Throughout his career, he’d helped countless startups grow into successful, profitable enterprises.  He volunteered in his community.  He maintained a vibrant network of colleagues.

Timothy was no slacker!  On large scale deals and during day-to-day business, Timothy had no problem deciding or managing; delegating or doing.

Still, Timothy struggled to create and sustain a regular writing practice.  Family and other personal circumstances often pulled his focus elsewhere.  He got frustrated when he tried to write, because it had been years since he studied English or wrote for himself.  A man who was used to creating the results he wanted, Timothy  struggled with his writing dream, because he didn’t yet know what to pursue.  He KNEW what to do to start writing regularly.  He just couldn’t do it!

All this – the daily pain of being estranged from his creative flow, the intense pangs that reminded him of his creativity, his passion and his writing dreams – drove him to seek a solution.

And here’s the kicker.

Timothy left my practice with a steady, productive writing practice.  He regained his creative confidence, too, and this newfound energy helped him not only to write, but also to fire up an art he loves (and set it up to make money).  He left our work feeling more grounded and happy than he’d been in years.

This is the Timothy I remembered:  a man who desperately wanted to create a more writing-centered life…and a man who succeeded at doing just that!

So imagine my surprise when Timothy gave me this news the other day. Ever since we stopped working together, he’s only missed a few days of writing.  His writing  anchors his life, each and every day.  Not only that, over time and with consistent practice, Timothy’s ideas and writing direction took form, eventually leading him to pursue a collaborative, large-scale non-fiction project he’s absolutely passionate about.

Today, Timothy is still the capable professional he’s always been.  He’s also a passionate writer who’s poised to make meaningful change with his creativity.

When will YOU allow yourself to create a “steady, consistent writing practice,” a habit that will influence, shape and possibly shift your life?

When will you let go of thinking you have to figure things out for yourself?

Reach out to me here  when you’re ready.  I’m here to help you.

With love from your coach,


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