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Break These 3 Writing Rules

by Marla

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Who makes up all these writing rules we read about on the internet?

  • “Real writers write every single day.”  
  • “The more you write the better.  Push through and write.”  
  • “Real writers get up to write early in the morning.”

While these practices work well for many people, they certainly don’t determine who is or isn’t in some imagined “writer’s club.”   

If there’s one simple piece of advice I can offer to you, it’s this: don’t follow a mandate that arises from inflexibility and may not be right for YOU.  The biggest, bravest thing you can do to write more productively and finish writing your book is to craft a consistent writing practice that suits YOU – and suits you perfectly.

So if you don’t write well in the mornings…stop forcing yourself to do so.

If you aren’t able to sustain concentration for hours-long writing sessions…stop trying to do it.

If you’re not writing every single day and have been berating yourself up for not being a “legit” or real writer…stop.

In my new coaching program, Write a Book that Matters, I’m teaching busy writers like you to log in 20 or more hours a month of focused, productive writing.  My clients are moving meaningful writing projects forward in a consistent and sustainable way.  These writers aren’t trying to match an ideal created by bloggers or so-called experts.  They’re learning to listen to their #1 expert:  themselves.  

With my help, these writers test, evaluate and tweak their writing until they craft a simple, productive writing practice they are truly proud of.  Now my writer-clients are:

  • proud of the time they devote to writing
  • proud of (finally!) learning to focus
  • proud of the books they’re working on
  • happy with their writing progress

Isn’t it time you felt this peace and contentment with your writing?  If you’re a match for my work, I can help you create these results quickly. Book a call with me here to get started.

With love from your coach,


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