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You Don’t Need a Writing Coach.

by Marla

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If you want to fire up your writing career and fall back in love with your life again, you don’t need a writing coach.

You need an expert mentor and intuitive catalyst who’s completely invested in helping you honor your talent and become more YOU in the world.

Someone who will:

  • challenge you to think impractically and excitedly
  • dare you to do exactly what you want (vs. only what you think you have to do)
  • show you how to marry your “practical” requirements with your just-as-important urge to create, serve, learn or grow

When you get the real help you need, you’ll start to feel much happier.  By doing this work you’ll reclaim your light and passion.  This is “bringing your brilliance forward” – in a tangible, practical way that meets your needs for self-expression AND your very real desire for professional development, money or success.

If you know you’re not yet achieving your creative career potential, you don’t just need a deadline.

You need to fire up your writing career, from the inside out.

With love from your coach,

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