Coach Marla Beck

Getting Happy“It is the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion.”   

– Rebecca West 

Well that’s a bit of a tall order…isn’t it?

Yet this week, during my coaching calls, several of my writer-clients had big  breakthroughs along these lines…

  • One writer reclaimed a deep passion and a productive writing practice she’s committed to in just under 6 weeks.  (This is typical timing for my clients.)
  • Another client, a savvy, seasoned writer, told me she’s been happily drafting her screenplay and accumulating page after page, after years of living with the knowledge that her project — a story full of passion and market potential — remained dishearteningly undone. Her shift from “stuck” to productive is impressive, especially given her demanding day job and young family at home.

These writer-clients are breaking through overwhelm, resistance, clutter and fear to align themselves more fully with their master passions.

You can, too.   To get started, ask yourself:

“What do I need to do to align myself more fully with my ‘master passion?'”

  • Declutter? You may need to make more space in your life, so you can hear your soul again.
  • Rediscover? You may need help discovering your “master passion.” With a good coach, you can reclaim a purpose for your writing, a subject you must write on, a drive to build something new, or enliven  your your impulse to serve your readers, your community or the world with more impact and authenticity.
  • Allow and Pursue? You may need to give yourself a permission slip — a big fat one, please! — one that permits you to write what matters most in the very life you have.  Best if your permission slips says “it’s absolutely okay to start pursuing my passion now.  I’ll figure it out as I go.”

As you begin to align your life and writing efforts with your passion, you may find that this process isn’t always a simple or linear path.

The payoff to reclaiming your writing self and productivity though, is indescribable.  Suddenly, life isn’t such a burden. Work seems easier.  And even on the bus, in the market, at yoga — you can sense and hear the creative current flowing within you, vibrant and alive and…wow.

I hope you won’t postpone your passion any longer.  Please, give yourself the opportunity to be fully you — on and off the page. Don’t hesitate to ask a friend to listen or, better yet, hire an experienced coach who can guide you through this realignment process in a way that’s efficient, deeply fulfilling and fun.
Pay attention to your master passion.  This animating force within you is the key to loving everything — your writing. Your work.  Your life.

With love from your coach,

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