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You Deserve To Write Productively.

by Marla Beck

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“You’re imperfect and wired for struggle,” says Brene Brown, “but you are worthy…”

You are worthy.

Stop for a moment. Pretend you believe “I am worthy, just as I am.” Pretend you believe it down to your bones.

Now will you show up differently in the world? 

More confident?  Visible? 


For those of you who sometimes doubt your writing talent, capacity or originality, I’ve got a few coaching reminders for you:

1.  You’re a worthy writer even if you wasted the whole damn afternoon on Facebook.

2.  You’re fine, even if you need daily periods of solitude.

3.  Your ideas are worth investigating, even if you think they’re impractical or “too strange.” In fact, I’ve taught more than a few of my non-fiction writer-clients to allow themselves the opportunity to explore weird ideas like these. The result?  Many published articles. A commercial non-fiction book. Trust me. At least a few of your weird interests or odd ideas are absolutely valid. (The catch is that it’s your responsibility to discover which ones!)

4.  Your creative writing is worth the time, attention and effort you put in. Creative writing makes you feel more alive, more you — correct?  If so, your happiness is worthy and important. Start taking charge and discover ways to dedicate time to your writing.

5.  Your work is worth publishing.  If you have worked diligently at your craft, learned from others, and studied the markets (editorial, literary or both), I’m here to tell you that your creative and professional writing is worth publishing. Honor your talent, learn to market yourself and learn how to manage your days so you can make “publish new work” a reality.  Several of my coaching clients are doing just this right now, finishing almost-done essays, writing new pieces, sending out work they’d forgotten about. Some are getting publication letters. For others, the ones who are systematically submitting their work, it’s only a matter of time before they hear back “yes.”

As as coach I’ve watched writer after writer re-inhabit their good-enough lives with new brightness and a happy sense of possibility. These writers changed their lives by starting to write what matters most.

In case you think this kind of transformation is for other people, let me say that it really doesn’t take much writing time to fire up your own life.

It does take consistency, though. 

A sense of levity helps.

Clarity is imperative.

And good work habits, productive practices that challenge you without pushing you into being someone you’re not, are important, too.

The momentum, creativity and vitality you’ve been craving is all available to you, starting right now. 

The very first step? Deciding that your writing goals are worthy enough of your time, passion and persistence.

Take-Action Challenge:

Go back through this article and write down 3 things you need to learn or start doing in order to realize your writing potential, so you can feel good about your writing again.

Where can you learn these skills?  What kind of support do you need?

One resource for you:  my free teleclass for writers who’ve been forever postponing the writing they’re passionate about.

Learn more and join me for this call:

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