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Want to Write More Productively? It’s Time to Embrace Your Quirks.

by Marla

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Embrace Your Quirks - 4I can’t tell you how many free-thinking, intelligent, accomplished writers I meet who struggle with their productivity style:

  • They think “real writers” always write earlier in the day.
  • They believe the best fiction writers structure their novels in advance.
  • They think they shouldn’t struggle, or get stuck, or write slow sometimes.

Oh, my.

May I suggest you embrace your quirks instead?

It’s time to embrace your quirks, to entertain the possibility that your very own writing style – when you write, how you write, how you revise – may not look like everyone else’s.  So what!  When you give your own quirky writing style a shot, you may discover that “your way” has an innate logic and elegance all its own.   (Talk about a productivity saver.)

You can learn more about my own experience (and see a gorgeous SF Bay area view) in the video below.


With love from your coach,

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