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On Mistakes: 2 Ways to Make the Most of Them

by Marla

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May I be candid?

One of my favorite parts of the coaching process is helping a client turnaround a recent mistake.

Perhaps he took a risk.  And failed.

Perhaps she waited too damn long to respond to an opportunity, and her fear or indecisiveness pushed that great new chance right out the window.

Perhaps he lapsed into his old habits and said “yes” to an assignment that’s completely out of alignment with his true goals.


Mistake-making is evidence that you’re alive.  Evidence that you’re willing to give things a shot, even if you can’t always know the outcome before you begin.

So if you’re going to be making mistakes, you might as well use them to your advantage, right?

Click below to hear a right-brain, left-brain approach to making the most of your mistakes:


With love from your coach,

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