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Fall Back In Love with Your Freelance Writing Career

by Marla Beck

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It’s time for you to fall back in love with your freelance writing career, your craft and your life.


Because the years ebb by fast.  Before you know it, a decade’s gone by and suddenly you see that most  of your talent, your passion, your potential… is stymied.  Stuck.  As-yet unexpressed.  Unrealized.

“Falling in love again” with your writing career takes courage and commitment.  It takes mentoring.  What awaits you on the other side?  Amazing things.  Life-affirming changes.  Here are some of the common shifts my clients report after working with me:

1 – They’re producing good, solid work again, and have stopped procrastinating, self-sabotaging and more.

2 – They’ve stopped accepting just the assignments that come their way, and now they’re actively pursuing the work they DO want.

3 – They feel at peace about their time and money.  (This is huge, don’t you agree?)

4 – They’ve reclaimed their confidence, their creativity and an inner fire that fuels them to pitch stories and assignments that truly matter.

5 – Many find the time and clarity they need to work up a non-fiction book proposal, finish their novel or pitch a long-form, narrative story they’ve been wanting to write for years.

Is it time for YOU to take back your time, your talent and your passion?

Is it time for YOU to run your business again like a confident professional?

Is it time to write what matters most to you?

Contact me today to learn how I can help you do just that.

You can find me at

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