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Freelance Writers: Lost Your Pitching Mojo?

by Marla Beck

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My client’s voice lit up brightly today as she recalled how fun pitching stories used to be when she was just starting out as a freelance writer.

“I used to be so excited about finding ideas,” she said.  “I loved it.  I’d think, ‘Ooh,  I see an idea in the world — I can develop that and bring it to fruition.  I can do that!’”

Remember the way you once felt when you first started out as a journalist?  How curious, excited and motivated you were to find a great story?  How passionate and purposeful you felt?  How eager you were to do the work?

Chances are, you’re busier now than you were when you first started out.  You’re more experienced, too, and perhaps you let your smarty-pants, market-savvy self guide your writing path — instead of your curiosity.

Perhaps you’ve even decided it’s not worth your time to pitch stories, so you crowd your work time with writing and editing assignments that pay the bills (but starve your heart).

What if you could have the writing business you want and pursue the stories that matter deeply to you, recapturing the passion, focus and autonomy you first felt when you were starting out as a freelancer?

What if you got your personal writing mojo back?

Would you feel satisfied and proud to see your byline exactly where you want it?

Would you enjoy the challenges of long-form writing or narrative reporting, knowing that you’re bringing more attention to perspectives and issues you care deeply about?

Would you look well-meaning family members in the eye and smile at them when they ask, “How’s business?”

Would you stop beating yourself up for not yet achieving your full potential as a writer?

Every day, I help writers like you to reclaim their freelance writing mojo and publish more stories that matter.  It’s entirely possible to transform your time, business and writing career.  It takes some work, but the journey to a truly free freelance writing career is more rewarding and fulfilling than you can imagine.

If you know it’s time to grow your writing career in the right direction, but you need a path and accountability to accomplish your goals, reach out to me and we can chat.  If you’re a fit for my work, I can help you optimize your schedule, fine-tune your business and pitch a solid new story idea in 8 weeksor less.

Imagine how amazing you’re going to feel!

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