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Were you lucky enough to see the solar eclipse yesterday? Here in California, we experienced a partial (78%) solar eclipse, and much of the U.S experienced much more.  Perhaps you were lucky enough to be in the path of totality!  If so, I envy you. To honor the event, yesterday morning, just as the eclipse […]


Is there something wrong with you? I’m amazed at how many writers secretly ask themselves this very question. By all conventional markers of success, these ambitious, smart men and women are on the right track: They’ve received accolades and maybe even a few awards from work well done.  Maybe they’re known for hitting all their […]

Writing Passion

Oooh! I love it when this happens. After years away from her book, my client just told me she’s thrilled. She is writing consistently and productively again – almost daily! Using my powerful productivity system, Write a Book that Matters, this writer set a super-meaningful, (so-big-it’s-almost-daunting) 8-week writing goal she can’t WAIT to achieve. And […]

If you’re learning from a mentor or editor, there WILL come a time when you hear negative feedback about your work. How will you respond? Here are some tips for you, gleaned from many years coaching writers just like you: Enjoy and let me know what you think over on my Facebook page. With love […]

If you’re a successful freelancer, first off — hot damn and congratulations! It’s no small accomplishment to make a living from pitching and producing your ideas.  As a successful freelancer, you’re balancing assignments, editors or clients, research and writing.  Don’t forget invoicing, follow-ups and professional development. You’re a Jane of all trades.  And I’m guessing […]

My jaw dropped after we hung up the phone.  I was just talking to a former coaching client this week, a man I’ll call Timothy. Timothy hired me a few years ago, because he desperately wanted to reclaim his creativity and create a steady, productive writing practice. You should know this about Timothy:  he was […]

Ambitious athletes, executives, speakers, and influencers have long known that the fastest path to achieving their goals is to hire a coach. What about you? Can a coach really help you achieve your writing, career and life goals? How? I’m answering your questions in today’s video: “How a Coach Can Help You.” Click below to […]

Sometimes, it seems, even smart people believe stuff that’s not actually true. Take, for example, our culture’s love affair with striving.  If you’ve ever worked hard to do life “right” — “right” according to whom? — then you know what I mean. You may have worked hard, long hours, and then faulted yourself when your body […]

A personal note: I’m smiling a lot these days. I’m privately coaching a hard-working group of sensitive, smart writers. I’m feeling great.  And best of all, I’m preparing for my first full-set, solo music performance since I stood on stage at Anna’s Jazz Island back in 2007, seven months pregnant with my daughter. I’ve got […]

Hey, smart cookie. For all your skill at meeting everyone else’s deadlines, you’d think you’d be a rock star at discovering your passion and making time to pursue your personal projects, right? Thing is, that gnawing feeling inside – the one that wells up on Sunday afternoons – tells you that when it comes to […]

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