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Too Busy to Write?

by Marla

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Are you too busy to write?

Allow me to share a few of my clients’ accomplishments from the past two weeks to inspire you.

  • One of my writer-clients, a professional and parent of young kids, reclaimed a productive hour of writing before work.
  • Another writer-client, passionate about basketball, returned to playing her beloved sport after a long hiatus. She trained consistently and patiently for several months to achieve her goal. Will it surprise you that her writing’s doing well, too?
  • A mom writer I coach reclaimed a month of guilt-free time off this summer. After 4 weeks of free time to relax and be with her family, she’s rested and ready to write, now that it’s September.
  • A writer-client on a dramatic book deadline is reclaiming her right to write and to take care of herself, too — taking regular, nourishing breaks time away from the writing desk to nourish herself – cooking in the kitchen, heading to the gym.
  • Another writer-client reports that an important family relationship took a profound and surprising turn for the better, now that she’s focused and moving her writing forward.

Why share all this?  The answer is simple.

If you feel too busy to write, I absolutely empathize.  (I’m a performing singer-songwriter and sometimes struggle with the very feelings of overwhelm, frustration and lack that you may be feeling.  It isn’t always easy to find time to do your art, I get it.)

I believe this, though. When we feel overwhelmed by life or work or obligations, when we struggle to find time and attention to honor our most important writing projects, this is a sign that your life – not just your writing practice or time-management skills – needs attention.

Hands on KeyboardSure, you can shoe-horn your writing time into your busy life if you choose.  But I don’t believe this is the right path for someone who wants a sustainable writing career and fulfilling writing practice.

Your approach to writing is intrinsically connected to your life.  Whether it’s your relationships, work habits, recreation or family duties – the way you “do writing” is the way you do everything.

If you’re struggling to resource yourself enough to create a writing-centered life or career, may I make a suggestion?

Stop wasting time by trying to shift things around on your own.

Hire a good coach, someone who understands the interconnectedness of what you believe, what you feel and what you do – on, and off, the page.

She’ll help you find time to write.  And she’ll help you recreate your life or writing career in the process.

With love from your coach,

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