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Top 2 Reasons Why You Need to Get Back to Writing

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A personal note:

I’m smiling a lot these days.

I’m privately coaching a hard-working group of sensitive, smart writers. I’m feeling great.  And best of all, I’m preparing for my first full-set, solo music performance since I stood on stage at Anna’s Jazz Island back in 2007, seven months pregnant with my daughter.

I’ve got a single, blurry picture to remind me of that exciting night:

Marla at Anna's Jazz Island - 2007

Night after night, I’ve been busy rebuilding my calluses and listening to the click-click-click of the metronome.

I couldn’t be happier.

Soon I’ll share photos – hopefully crisp ones! – from my April performance in Sausalito.  I’ll be playing guitar and singing a soulful set of blues, originals, Americana and a little jazz on the 17th.   Message me if you’re in the Bay Area, and I’ll give you details. I’d love to see you there.

Now, let’s turn to you and your writing.  Why bother trying to fit something else into your busy life?  Why revive an old project?  An old passion?

Top 2 Reasons Why You Need to Get Back to Writing

Reason #1 –

You Won’t Be Truly Content Until You Start Being Fully YOU.

c2014-Marla Beck_Found Image

Do you feel like you were born to write?

If you’ve been gifted with writing talent or driven by an obsession to explore and develop your writing skills, you, my friend, are a “natural-born writer.”

Natural-born writers are simultaneously blessed and cursed by strong creative drives.

·      One on hand, you get to experience the exhilaration and joy of creative practice and discovery.

·      On the other hand, it’s difficult to describe the gut-wrenching despair that comes with ignoring your voice or postponing your creative practice.

To thrive as a natural-born writer requires persistence, patience and practice.


Because you must write to be deeply happy.  You must to write in order to be fully yourself.  You must write.

There is no way around this truth.

Reason #2 –

Your Whole Life Will Start Feeling Better.

When my coaching clients get back to writing, advance their careers and their finish book projects, they feel deeply happy and content again, it’s true.

But guess what else happens?

·      Their day job doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

·      They start prioritizing fitness again (and often lose weight).

·      They eat better.

·      Their relationships improve.

·      They start taking charge of their time, commitments and happiness.

·      They travel.

·      They reboot their freelance writing business so they can work with clients they enjoy and have enough time for their personal projects, too.

coaching works - small tendrillThe way you treat your writing – such an integral practice and pure expression of you, your priorities and your aspirations — impacts your entire life.

Pay close attention!

Getting back to your writing is fun.  It’s also the principle pathway to contentment, both with yourself and everything else in your life.

With love from your coach,




p.s. – Are you ready to feel good, accomplished and on-track again?  Message me and we can explore working together and discover the best ways for you to accomplish your writing goals.


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