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One Very Good Reason to Go for That Bigger, Better Writing Assignment

by Marla

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You know this already: that well-crafted and thoroughly researched pitch, lovely seedling that it is, may not land you the first “bigger, better” writing assignment you’re going for.

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But even if your pitch is rejected, keep watchful for the many healthy offshoots that often spring up as a result of you taking decisive action and bravely sending out that pitch:

  • Your research may yield a thicket of intriguing new story ideas.
  • You may learn something new about the craft of writing successful queries, saving yourself time and wasted effort in the future.
  • Your contact with the publication may spark a potentially fruitful relationship with the editor in the future.
  • Re-slanted or reworked, your pitch may likely find a more suitable home in another bigger-‘n-better writing market.

There are many good reasons to go for a bigger, better writing assignment.  The ones I’ve mentioned above I call “meta-results” – potentially positive, career-building outcomes sparked by the decisive actions you take today.

The trick to “meta-results” is to consciously look for them.

Don’t let yourself get so focused on the answer an assigning editor gives you that you miss all the good things you’re learning and doing as a writer.  Savor these positive movements in your writing career.

Tip for Freelancers:  Widen Your View 

Train yourself to widen your view and see more than just the (“Yes!”) outcome you’re expecting.

Do so and you’ll see that regardless of the potential financial and professional gains, the process of going for a bigger, better writing assignment becomes valuable in and of itself.

Get busy and start going for your writing dreams.  If you pay close-enough attention, you’ll be able to do the happy dance whether your pitch is accepted this time or not.

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