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Sometimes, it seems, even smart people believe stuff that’s not actually true.

Take, for example, our culture’s love affair with striving.  If you’ve ever worked hard to do life “right” — “right” according to whom? — then you know what I mean. You may have worked hard, long hours, and then faulted yourself when your body rebelled at the stress and strain of your schedule. You may have spent your early years doing life “right,” only to discover later that you sacrificed important relationships, your health or your dearest passions in your struggle to achieve something.

Many folks fall into ways of being that rob their lives of energy, creativity and passion.  Others burn themselves out, working hard to be who they think they are supposed to be.

How about you?  Is your personal writing on the back burner? Perhaps you’ve been believing an authority (imagined or otherwise), that seems to be your ally but in reality is teaching you exactly how to stay stuck and far away from your truest happiness:

  • “Art’s not relevant.”
  • “How can you invest your time in a project with such uncertain gains?”
  • “You’re not getting anywhere.”
  • “Why can’t you just be happy with the life you have?”

Search your inner knowing for a moment.  Be honest. Are you someone who is capable of “just being happy” if you’re not writing?

Can you be happy without doing what you love to do?  Not if you’re a born-to-write-type who hasn’t been writing.  No way.

Certainly not if you’ve experienced a watershed moment in life, a defining experience that carved the message of “tell it now” deep within your heart.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: You have to be fully you to enjoy your life.  Writers have to write, even if it seems a bit “weird” or impractical to non-writing friends.  Even if they’re still learning their craft.  Even if their writing takes a little time away from children or housekeeping or paid assignments or work.

If you want to be happy, you’ve got to get back to writing. 


What needs to happen so you can realign your life with your personal writing projects?

Do you need more courage?

A plan?

More clarity?

Take a moment to figure out one simple, solid first step you can take to get back to writing — beginning today.

Being fully you is one truly right thing to do.

with love from your coach,


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