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I know you’re busy. I hear that you think you need someone to “kick your butt” so you can get your writing done. I’m not convinced that’s all you need, though. Not if you’re someone who wants to feel more energized, happy, empowered and whole. Watch today’s video for more on the topic: With love […]

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This image is one of the few I took when I flew back home to DC and Maryland recently. c. 2015 Marla Beck It’s haunted me a bit, since I took it. Every time I gaze at the bird and the hotel in the background, I feel more alive and awake. Here’s why. 1. Seeing […]

Embrace Your Quirks - 4

I can’t tell you how many free-thinking, intelligent, accomplished writers I meet who struggle with their productivity style: They think “real writers” always write earlier in the day. They believe the best fiction writers structure their novels in advance. They think they shouldn’t struggle, or get stuck, or write slow sometimes. Oh, my. May I […]


May I be candid? One of my favorite parts of the coaching process is helping a client turnaround a recent mistake. Perhaps he took a risk.  And failed. Perhaps she waited too damn long to respond to an opportunity, and her fear or indecisiveness pushed that great new chance right out the window. Perhaps he […]

Next Best Writing Project

Ready to begin your next writing project? Congratulations!  Let’s make sure you’re pursuing the best writing project for you, so you can avoid the malaise and burnout that can happen when you forget to honor all of who you are. Watch below to learn a new kind of decision-making for your writing career: Remember:  when […]

Lost Your Zing for Writing

Hello writers! Have you been feeling sluggish lately? Lost your zing and clarity for writing? If so, today’s “Quick Tip for Writers” is a mini kick-in-the-pants.   Click below watch it: After you watch, feel free to share you comments or questions with us over on my Facebook page: Have a productive, happy writing day!

Small tendrill in garden

You know this already: that well-crafted and thoroughly researched pitch, lovely seedling that it is, may not land you the first “bigger, better” writing assignment you’re going for. But even if your pitch is rejected, keep watchful for the many healthy offshoots that often spring up as a result of you taking decisive action and […]


More than once this week, I’ve stood on a metaphorical pathway much like this: Marla Beck c. 2014 Each time I knew I wanted to cross a wide, wide meadow. Beyond the shelter of the oak, beyond the clear bright light, the trail would turn and snake beyond sight. I couldn’t see how to get […]

ignite your writing-flame

It’s been a very exciting few weeks here.  In the past three weeks, writers from across the U.S. have been telling me how coaching is helping them move their writing projects forward.  I’m so excited for them! – One writer drafted her most recent book in record time. – Another writer is this close to […]

Clock face closeup

After a lazy morning with my family last Sunday, I decided to do a little writing. “I’m going to take 25 minutes of computer time now,” I chirped.  (Sometimes I choose to keep the fact that I’m writing to myself. Can you relate?) My family did pretty well with this announcement.  I wrote. My seven-year-old […]

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