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How’s your writing going these days? When you sit down to write, do you sometimes find that you have nothing to say?  No new ideas? No curiosities to explore?  No exciting insights or creative energy? Then what happens? Do you start to doubt yourself as a writer?  Lose faith in your project?  Do you force […]

Imagine with me, for a moment. Imagine, if you will, that I’ve just handed you a small bottle with a rare and magic potion inside. Just one drop or two of this precious elixir is guaranteed to spark more writing focus, passion, energy and inner fire than you’ve experienced in years. What will you do […]


I’m not sure you’d ever guess this about me now, but this is true: Long before I moved to California, for nearly a decade in my late teens and early twenties, I struggled with a crippling clinical depression.  My friends and classmates never knew my truth, for I worked hard to hide this pain. Inside, […]


Today is the day. Whether you’re bracing yourself against icy winds or basking in the early sunshine of spring, today is the perfect time to stand back and take a big-picture perspective on your writing.  Looking for a writing prompt to open your vision? Try asking yourself this: Why do I write?   Write down your […]


Welcome to Q2! As of today, we are just a little more than 90 days into the new year. There’s a sense of fresh energy and new life in the air – do you feel it?  Here in Northern California, the hillsides look almost impossibly green, and tiny blue wildflowers have begun to bloom outside […]

It hurts not to write.   Nearly every week, a midlife writer confesses the terrible pain they feel by being in a prolonged state of not-writing. Sometimes by accident, and often, via fear, these writers find themselves mired in a solid, good life, but a life that’s sorely lacking creative practice, growth and fulfillment. These busy writers… … […]


A few years ago, I worked with a writer I’ll call “Trudy.”  Trudy was a thoughtful, ambitious woman who cultivated a busy personal life and a successful career she truly cared about.  In nearly everything this determined woman focused on, Trudy excelled. On paper, you’d say Trudy had “made it” — for Trudy consistently made […]


Yesterday was the first (non-holiday) Monday of 2018. Were you excited to wake up?  Eager to start your day?  Did you walk through your day feeling on-task and highly capable?  Sexy and empowered?  Happy? Did you glow with that alluring kind of aliveness that comes from being creatively awake and engaged again? If not, then why? Are […]


One of my favorite clients came to me with a terrible ache and longing to get back to her writing.  She’d tried, unsuccessfully, to devote more time to creative writing and she’d tried, unsuccessfully, to focus on her projects until they were done.  Year after year, she attended literary readings and supported her friends’ writing […]


A few days ago, I backed my car out of our driveway and onto the road.  I quickly shifted gears and pressed the accelerator. Although I’d shifted the transmission into DRIVE, I immediately noticed a significant drag on my car’s momentum.  The car was moving forward — just not very fast! That’s what happens, I […]

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