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Just after New Year, I reviewed the past year to make a list of meaningful accomplishments. I also reflected on my most productive creative times: what worked? Why? In today’s video, filmed fresh off a hiking trail, I’ll share with you two of my most productive moments of 2016. Hope you’ll find something you can […]

Looking for a quick fix to help your writing sessions become more focused and productive? Today I’m sharing with you two of my favorite productivity hacks for writers. They’re simple. They’re fun. And best of all, they work! With love from your coach, Marla

Are you struggling with a creative project that’s lost its verve and fire?  I was recently, too. Allow me share with you a little story about how I shifted a treasured project from uninspired to magical.  Then, read on for the 3 simple strategies I used, so you can start reviving your own bone-dry creative […]

In the United States we are celebrating Thanksgiving Day, my most favorite holiday of the year!  My family is gathering in Lake Tahoe for a few days, and if I haven’t already started my signature Dutch apple pies by the time you read this, I’ll certainly be gearing up to soon.  (I don’t eat sweets, […]

It’s time I shared something with you. Behind the scenes these past few years, I’ve walked through some health challenges that would knock any strong woman off the tracks. The radiation and chemotherapy treatments I received at ages 23 and 25 cured my lymphoma but, starting in 2012, these same treatments began to cause a […]

I hope this message finds you well! You may remember me writing to you last week about making a few changes in my life, after discovering I was off-track with some of the activities that make me happiest. If you can relate, today’s video is for you!  Watch below to learn a very simple, often […]

Back in 2005, when I first launched my professional coaching practice, I used to think that to be an effective, credible coach I had to lead my life perfectly. (Can you relate?  For those of you who are working on stepping into your authority as an author, speaker or workshop leader, I’ll bet you can.) […]

 In the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing with you ways that other peoples’ wisdom has taught me to deliberately take charge of my life. Today’s article is the third in this three-part series, “Quotes That Changed My Life.” Enjoy! You’re So Powerful. This week I moved my office to a beautiful five-story building closer […]

Thank you for the wonderful notes you sent to me after I published “The Best I Could Do”, I’m very happy to hear that my stories resonate with you, and appreciate all the encouragement to keep writing to you from the heart. As promised, today is Part Two in my new series, “3 Quotes that […]

I promised you last week that I’d tell you about my relationship to vengeance. We’ll certainly get to that in a moment. First though, a quick introduction to this new blog series: “The 3 Quotes That Changed My Life.” *** In graduate school, one of our classmates told us how she’d often memorize long poems […]

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