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The Very First Step to Finishing Your Book

by Marla Beck

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A few weeks ago, my family and I camped on the South Dakota prairie for 3 days.


c. 2017 Marla Beck

Imagine sleeping and waking in such stillness!

Seeing so much “nothing” was startling, refreshing and energizing.  A tree became a sculpture, and the historic covered wagon in the field almost ached with poignancy.  In the stillness of that minimalist landscape, I felt clear-headed, capable and happy.

You need not create “prairie conditions” in your life to make more time to write.  (That’s a common preconception that really irks me.)

You DO need to create a sense of freedom and peace before you start writing, though.  Finishing a book – especially if you care deeply about your subject or your characters, especially if you’ve been stuck for years, and especially if you already have a busy, full life – is darn near impossible if you overlook the very first step:  clearing your landscape.

How do writers clear their landscapes?  By making a series of strategic, clear, bold and exciting decisions.  Clearing time and creating structure to write is the very first step in my 60-day productivity intensive, Write a Book that Matters.  I teach writers like you how to create 5-10 hours of writing time a week, bust through their limitations and feel more happy, free and productive than they have in years.

Are you ready to feel that good about your writing?  I’m ready to help.  Reach out and contact me today.

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