Coach Marla Beck

Thoughts on Beauty, from Anne Frank

by Marla Beck

in brilliant mindset

In the past two weeks, my clients have been calling me with wonderful news — a book deal! A fellowship! A respected agent who asked to see more!

Through our work together, my clients learn to hone their focus and achieve their writing goals from the inside out.

Paying close attention to WHAT you pay attention to is a critical first step to gaining clarity and momentum.

To inspire you in this season of Thanksgiving, I offer you these words, from Anne Frank:

I do not think of all the misery, but of the glory that remains. Go outside into the fields, nature and the sun, go out and seek happiness in yourself and in God. Think of the beauty that again and again discharges itself within and without you and be happy. 
–Anne Frank

I hope you’ll take a moment to yourself in the next few days to reconnect to Beauty, in whatever form you find it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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