Coach Marla Beck

How to Begin Your BEST Writing Year.

by Marla Beck

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Yesterday was the first (non-holiday) Monday of 2018.

Were you excited to wake up?  Eager to start your day?  Did you walk through your day feeling on-task and highly capable?  Sexy and empowered?  Happy?

Did you glow with that alluring kind of aliveness that comes from being creatively awake and engaged again?

If not, then why?

Are you writing?

From my experience, it doesn’t take long to reawaken a dormant writing habit.  Once the practice is in place, the glow really isn’t far behind.

I teach my clients to craft the kinds of deeply fulfilling days and lives I’m describing to you here – day by day, hour by hour.  The amazing thing is, they’re learning to access a sense of being powerfully alive NOT by disciplining or forcing themselves to write more/better/faster…but instead through a path of surrendering to their writing joy and curiosity.  I show them how to boost their creativity and passion while joining these powerful guides as partners with “strategy,” “focus” and “planning.”

My clients are succeeding by restoring their writing to its rightful place in their lives:  as a deeply restorative, joyful practice.  I show them how to evolve their personal writing into a “high ROI activity,” one they can absolutely justify in their busy lives — a consistent habit that turbo-charges their focus, nourishes their souls and consistently, incrementally builds a writing career that really matters, all by achieving one, meaningful writing goal at a time.

If you’ve told yourself that this is going to be a better writing year for you than 2017, I ask you this:

What are your goals?

What will be profoundly different this year?

And what is the state of your writing joy?

It really doesn’t take long to learn how to get out of your own way and write.  All you need is a system and a guide, someone to help you address your writing avoidance, blocks and resistance at the level of passion, mind and action.

Look at the writing results and successes you created for yourself last year.  Is this what you want for your new year?

If not, you need to make different choices to give yourself the writing support, time, structure and guidance you need.

I have set aside a few hours this week to talk to writers who are serious about getting a book or writing project DONE in as little as 8 weeks’ time.  Contact me here to take your writing to a whole new level.

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