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A Shard of Silence in Your Heart?

by Marla Beck

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It hurts not to write.  

Nearly every week, a midlife writer confesses the terrible pain they feel by being in a prolonged state of not-writing.

Sometimes by accident, and often, via fear, these writers find themselves mired in a solid, good life, but a life that’s sorely lacking creative practice, growth and fulfillment.

These busy writers…

… show up for their careers, and often excel at what they do for a living

… do good work, without straining too much to hit other people’s deadlines

…devote love and energy and attention to their partners and families

… keep up their households, tend to relatives, invest time in their friendships, their health, their pets, their volunteer commitments and their lives.

Sadly though, not one of these busy, honest women and men are currently producing or publishing the kind of non-fiction or fiction writing they know they are capable of.

Most of the time, the goodness and the busy-ness of their daily lives will mask the pain of not-writing.  

Then, something startling or life-altering will happen, and all the sudden, these capable, ambitious writers are faced with the stark and undeniable fact that the life they’ve been living is a good one, but incomplete.  They realize that they’ve been off-track and living this way for years – neglecting to pursue the most meaningful goals of all:  a thriving writing practice, publications that matter, and the money, fulfillment and authentic success that comes from focusing on, writing and publishing what matters most.

Suddenly, these writers discover that the state of not-writing – even in the midst of a full and successful life, hurts.  It’s like a shard of silence in your heart – sharp and ever-present.  Subtle, yet impossible to ignore.

If you’ve been silencing your dreams, stunting your creative growth or putting off your novel, book proposal or writing practice… I encourage you to look honestly at your life and ask yourself:  do I feel complete?  Am I offering as much of myself as I’m capable of?  Is now the time to develop my writing voice?  My writing potential?  My impulse to serve a small corner of the world in some meaningful way with my own words, ideas or stories?

The path to writing happily, productively and consistently again is predictable and absolutely achievable, even in the midst of your busy career and full personal life.

Reach out, when you’re ready to recommit to your writing.  I’m here to help you.

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