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Have You Ever Had This Experience?

by Marla Beck

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A few days ago, I backed my car out of our driveway and onto the road.  I quickly shifted gears and pressed the accelerator. Although I’d shifted the transmission into DRIVE, I immediately noticed a significant drag on my car’s momentum.  The car was moving forward — just not very fast!

That’s what happens, I discovered, when you try to drive with the emergency brake on.  You make a little progress…with great effort.

Had I left the brake on and continued down our road, I would have eventually compromised the braking system.  Cars, our bodies and our writing efforts are like that:  under duress, they may “produce” for a short while, but unduly straining a system means you eventually undermine your structure and energy and performance in the long-run.

That’s why I teach my clients to achieve their writing goals holistically, with an eye on producing immediate successes and long-term viability, enjoyment and sustainability.

Getting your writing done matters.  And enjoying the writing process – and reshaping your life, work, relationships, attention and time to support your most meaningful creative and professional writing goals – matters, too.

Don’t sell yourself short by setting big writing goals in the new year and forcing yourself to succeed.  There is a better way, and it doesn’t take long to take the brakes off your writing efforts.  You just need to banish your resistance and other writing blocks that put the brakes on your progress.  You need a bold, new perspective for your purpose and your life, as well as a proven process and the deep support you need to help you take a stand for the writing that matters most and get it done.

Imagine accomplishing a big writing goal in the next 3 months.

Imagine re-engineering your life and career to make your most important writing a high and honored priority!

All this is absolutely possible for you.

Get in touch with me here and tell me a little about your writing goals to learn more.

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