Coach Marla Beck

The Path to Productive Writing (Even in the Summer)

productive writing

Summer.  Is this time of year frustrating and destructive for your writing?  If so, let’s chat. Some days, I experience summer as a languid and almost sensual force of flow and ease.  This midyear season can be quite lovely as it cloaks us with heat, warmth, spaciousness, and an unmistakable invitation to have fun, take […]

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Discouraged with Your Lack of Writing Progress?

writing progress

At a Portland farmer’s market years ago, I once picked up a brightly-painted greeting card with this text on the front: “Not every day can be a feast of lanterns.” I bought several copies of the card, and shared them with a few friends through the years. Except for one.  That one, I keep for […]

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Your Finished Book is Your Passport


“The answer to all writing, to any career for that matter, is love.” -Ray Bradbury I’ve had the good fortune to coach some pretty accomplished men and women to finish their books and create a sustainable, happy writing habit. Know what I’ve noticed? Many of these men and women have turned personal illnesses, setbacks or […]

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Born to Write?


I still remember the first time I saw my husband on a skateboard. Years ago, he was still my boyfriend, and one day I drove towards the road he lived on for a visit. As I rolled up to a two-way stop sign in his neighborhood, I saw Jon speed by in front of me […]

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Overwhelmed? Here’s Why Your Writing CAN’T Wait.


WRITING & OVERWHELM So many writers I meet struggle with feeling totally overwhelmed. Partners, friends and family need attention. So do clients and bosses! It takes TIME to do life in a way that supports all of you:  relationships, finances, professional attainment, health and wellness, spirituality, creativity and fun. And way too often, when we […]

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When You Don’t Follow Up with Agents, Editors or Readers

follow up

Not long ago, I met a writer who desperately wanted cut through the clutter of her busy schedule and inner resistance so she could finally focus on writing. She had a book to finish. Her book was personally meaningful and commercially viable.  Not only was its concept well-developed and the book half-written, she’d successfully lined up people […]

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Are You Uninspired and Stuck with Your Writing?


How’s your writing going these days? When you sit down to write, do you sometimes find that you have nothing to say?  No new ideas? No curiosities to explore?  No exciting insights or creative energy? Then what happens? Do you start to doubt yourself as a writer?  Lose faith in your project?  Do you force […]

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Are You a Lazy Writer?


Lazy (defined):  a lack of desire to expend effort Do you have writing dreams you’re not pursuing with full effort (and heart)? Every week, I meet writers like you who are stuck, frustrated and aching to achieve their writing dreams. In the intimacy of our conversations, these smart, driven, frustrated writers share the same stories.  Do […]

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On the Other Side of Your Writing Struggle

writing struggle

What are you choosing to focus your energy and attention on today? Are you living daily with a painful voice inside, a voice that calls you out constantly for how little you’re writing these days… how difficult it is to enjoy your writing, (once you finally sit down to try)… and how short your falling with […]

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A Precious Elixir for Busy or Struggling Writers

Imagine with me, for a moment. Imagine, if you will, that I’ve just handed you a small bottle with a rare and magic potion inside. Just one drop or two of this precious elixir is guaranteed to spark more writing focus, passion, energy and inner fire than you’ve experienced in years. What will you do […]

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