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Today is the perfect day to reflect on what “independence” really means: “independent” (adj.) free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority Think about it for a moment.  How free are you with your writing? Have you been feeling stuck or unproductive? Is your creativity limited by judgments, criticisms or fears? Have you given your power […]

May I make a confession?  As I shared with you last week, in just two days I’ll be taking off on a 3.5-week road trip with my family, winding our way through the American West. Of course, I’m excited.  But the truth is:  I’m also feeling scared. I find this experience perplexing.  After all, adventure isn’t […]


This spring, I often felt like I was walking through life with an uninvited buddy on my back, a rascally monkey who constantly messed up my hair and whispered loudly in my ear. ”Life is short! Life is SHORT — ” the monkey said. For weeks, I tried to ignore the weight and whisper of […]


Think back, for a moment, to your first memories of writing. Perhaps, like me, you sat earnest and alone writing at a table in your playroom, even when it was hot out and the other kids from the neighborhood were screaming outside the window as they played in the streets during summer vacation.     […]

This one’s for you, if you freelance… Chances are, you got into independent writing for the FREEDOM. “Nobody dictates my time,” you may’ve thought when you first started out. “I can work on my novel while I write for others.  I’m so lucky don’t have to leave the house to earn a full-time living…” Perhaps […]


Janie came to me like most writers do:  driven to finish her book, but exhausted. She was exhausted because every time she’d tried to finish the book, she pushed herself too hard, and burned out and quit. She was exhausted because every time she saw her unfinished book project’s folder on her hard drive, she […]

Have you been struggling to…. confidently defend your writing time? consistently believe in your project?  stay focused — i.e., off Facebook! — when you write? keep up the momentum when life, craft challenges or temporary time crunches derail you? If so, relief is on the way. I made this week’s 4-minute coaching video, “The Real […]

Lots of blogs will tell you how to take charge and get serious about your passions. I’m here to share with you a different path, and it’s one that won’t resonate with everyone. In the next three weeks, I’m going to show you how to finally get serious about your passion project. The steps I’ll […]

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When life jolts you out of your ordinary routines and comforts, it’s quite easy to feel unmoored. Whether you’re dealing with a watershed life change or simply trying to adjust to simpler circumstances, like recovering from an injury or having your kids home for the summer — change isn’t easy. How can you stay on […]

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