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How to Get Serious About Your Passion Project (an unconventional approach) – Part 1 in a 3-Part Series

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Lots of blogs will tell you how to take charge and get serious about your passions. I’m here to share with you a different path, and it’s one that won’t resonate with everyone. In the next three weeks, I’m going to show you how to finally get serious about your passion project. The steps I’ll be sharing are integrative and holistic – an approach that’s been working for the many executives and writers I’ve coached throughout the years.

My process is based on a super-simple assumption: you are not a bobble-head. You’re a passionate person with brains and soul and maybe a bit of defiance thrown in. The best way to take your passions seriously again is to address all of these elements of yourself, so you can still BE YOU while also being passionate and productive.

Let me show you a mindful and thoroughly effective path to finally getting serious about your passion project. Here we go!

Passion Project Step #1 – Ache to change.

Have you got the ache to change?

If you’re like most people in my community, you are already doing this preparatory step perfectly. You just may not realize it.

Are you aching – really aching – to change?

You are if you find yourself:

  • bereft of fulfillment for way too many hours out of the week
  • paralyzed by waves of terror that you’re letting life pass you by without ever discovering your passion
  • spinning, spinning, endlessly spinning when you sit down to write or develop your project
  • envying the success of someone who’s dared to launch a new product, service or book manuscript into the world

You’re aching to change if you can sense the gap between what’s possible and what’s happening right now.

And you’re aching to change NOW if you’ve had some kind of life experience – an illness, a scare, a divorce or a death – that‘s pushed you into valuing life, talent and time urgently, and more than ever before.

And if you’re someone whose project, practice or passion is going to serve others, there’s no doubt you’re aching to change.

If you identified with even one thing on this list, you’ve got this foundation in place. The work now is to recognize it: Yes, I’m sick of things staying like this and I’ve got to change.

Dissatisfaction fired by urgency is a perfect foundation for finally getting serious and productive with your passion project.

If you know it’s time to do something, I encourage you to get honest with yourself. In the past year, have you been making the progress you want? Or is it time to finally invest in support and help?

I’m here to help. To get started, head over to my website at and fill out the form. My assistant will be in touch within 24 hours to help you explore working with me.

With love from your coach,


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