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How to Get Serious About Your Passion Project (an unconventional approach) – Part 2 in a 3-Part Series

by Marla

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As I wrote to you last week:

Lots of blogs will tell you how to take charge and get serious about your passions. I’m here to share with you a different path, and it’s one that won’t resonate with everyone. In the next three weeks, I’m going to show you how to finally get serious about your passion project. The steps I’ll be sharing are integrative and holistic – an approach that’s been working for the many executives and writers I’ve coached throughout the years.

My process is based on a super-simple assumption: you are not a bobble-head. You’re a passionate person with brains and soul and maybe a bit of defiance thrown in. The best way to take your passions seriously again is to address all of these elements of yourself, so you can still BE YOU while also being passionate and productive.

I’m here to show you a mindful and thoroughly effective path to finally getting serious about your passion project. Last week, we talked about the all-important motivation piece: the ache to change.

Today, I’d like you to meet the all-important Step #2: Put Everything on the Table.

Passion Project Step #2 – Put everything on the table.
The way I see it, there are just two ways to get started again with your passion project.

Way #1 – Jam it into your life.

This “jam it in!” strategy appeals to analytic types who don’t want to go too deep with their passion project. They want the deliverable, and they’re willing to sacrifice to get their end product. When it comes to doing/making/being/becoming their passion, though, these folks just aren’t willing to allow the process to influence who they are.

Productivity blogs thrive on readers who are wired like this. They act as if “producing” is only a matter of will, pushing and striving!

From my experience, this strategy – getting up two hours early, sacrificing weekends, pushing, pushing pushing – can work great for limited-time productivity bursts. As a long-term strategy, jamming passion into your life is hardly sustainable, though. It’s not fun. It’s not the answer for everyone.

Way #2 – Surrender to your calling.
The “surrender to passion” strategy appeals to high achievers who are ready to integrate more passion into their lives or careers. Yes — they, too, may have a project to complete. But “surrender to your calling” folks are ready to allow their authentic drive, talent and passion to rebalance and reshape the way they work and live as they complete a project goal. They’re willing to let the pursuit of passion change who they are.

My coaching is designed for men and women who are wired like this. The ones that know that “how you do anything is how you do everything.” The ones that want to achieve and finish projects, and do so with more flow, less effort.

A full-on “surrender” doesn’t have to be a dramatic or protracted event! In my VIP Intensives, I walk my clients through this process in our first two sessions. By the end of the morning, they know — in their bones…

  • Their luminous, passionate vision for their talents and project
  • exactly why they’re so driven to pursue this path
  • how to confidently choose which project to focus on first
  • what’s working and what’s not in your mindset, environment, schedule and more

To find the inner drive and fire you need to get serious about your passion project again, you need to be able to answer these questions for yourself, too.

When you put everything on the table you either figure out how to jam your passion project into an already-busy life, or you surrender, by inventorying your passions, your drives, your motivators and your resources. From this knowledge base, you’ll skyrocket your confidence. You’ll also find the overarching vision that informs your passion project. You’ll gain clarity into exactly how to craft the life, attitudes and project plans that will get the best results for you.

This step is so exciting and transformative, when done thoroughly and well!

with love from your coach,


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