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“You’re imperfect and wired for struggle,” says Brene Brown, “but you are worthy…” You are worthy. Stop for a moment. Pretend you believe “I am worthy, just as I am.” Pretend you believe it down to your bones. Now will you show up differently in the world?  More confident?  Visible?  Unapologetic? For those of you […]


“We don’t live in eternity,” says Marie Beynon Ray — “Begin doing what you want to do now… “We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake.” We don’t live in eternity. If you feel the truth of this sentence down to your bones, this tells me […]


One blustery afternoon in Asheville, North Carolina, while walking to lunch with friends, I turned a corner and encountered a gust of wind so strong that I had to grab a nearby street pole to keep my feet on the ground. I was freaked out! Afterwards, I got to thinking… That wind I experienced was […]

Cornfield-c. 2011-2015- Marla

My father’s from a farming family in Southern Ohio. I never lived there, but growing up, we made annual pilgrimage to visit my cousins and the cornfields. This past weekend was our annual family reunion. One of the highlights for me, besides hugging on my many cousins and watching my 8-year-old daughter bond with my […]

How to Flow with Fear

“To fear is one thing,” says Katherine Paterson, author of Jacob I Have Loved. “To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another.” Isn’t that the truth? The Many Faces of Fear I coach a lot of different writers in my practice. Many writers I work with are degreed, self-aware […]

Are you too busy to write? Allow me to share a few of my clients’ accomplishments from the past two weeks to inspire you. One of my writer-clients, a professional and parent of young kids, reclaimed a productive hour of writing before work. Another writer-client, passionate about basketball, returned to playing her beloved sport after […]

I know you’re busy. I hear that you think you need someone to “kick your butt” so you can get your writing done. I’m not convinced that’s all you need, though. Not if you’re someone who wants to feel more energized, happy, empowered and whole. Watch today’s video for more on the topic: With love […]

I can’t tell you how many free-thinking, intelligent, accomplished writers I meet who struggle with their productivity style: They think “real writers” always write earlier in the day. They believe the best fiction writers structure their novels in advance. They think they shouldn’t struggle, or get stuck, or write slow sometimes. Oh, my. May I […]

Clock face closeup

After a lazy morning with my family last Sunday, I decided to do a little writing. “I’m going to take 25 minutes of computer time now,” I chirped.  (Sometimes I choose to keep the fact that I’m writing to myself. Can you relate?) My family did pretty well with this announcement.  I wrote. My seven-year-old […]

  It was a cold D.C. morning, March 1993. “Look a’ her!  “Takin’ a pitcher o’ that ol’ broom…” I’d framed the shot carefully, and as I clicked the shutter, two street guys slowly trudged by. “Uhn-huh,” said his friend, shaking his head. I looked up. Although I’d been delighted by the moment, happily documenting […]

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