Coach Marla Beck

Are You Uninspired and Stuck with Your Writing?

by Marla Beck

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How’s your writing going these days?

When you sit down to write, do you sometimes find that you have nothing to say?  No new ideas? No curiosities to explore?  No exciting insights or creative energy?

Then what happens?

Do you start to doubt yourself as a writer?  Lose faith in your project?  Do you force yourself to stay put in your chair?

Do you struggle and try even harder?

It’s not fun to feel creatively blocked.  And the truth is, whether your writing goals relate to your writing career or personal fulfillment, when your creative well is dry, you’ve got a big problem on your hands.

No new ideas?  This means you’re producing no new writing.

Your craft stagnates.

You have nothing to workshop, nothing to pitch or publish.

Worse yet, you feel like a fraud.  And this “fraud” energy affects everything in your life:  your confidence.  Your vitality.  Your happiness.

A creative crisis denies you of essential, life-affirming CREATIVITY – a force that gives life meaning, depth and direction.

To stoke your creative fire and keep it burning, you need to deliberately cultivate and manage your creativity.

This is actually a simple process.  It’s also – I repeat – a deliberate set of attitudes, habits and choices.

I use this simple process daily, to keep myself musically engaged, challenged and growing nearly every day.

Writers I coach use this process, and very quickly – within 30 days, usually, we see their lives start to “pop” again.

They discover new ideas.

Make a new professional connection.

Finish writing an essay, a pitch or a book.

Most importantly?  They get excited again about their writing, and they recover the tremendous energy they got used to sinking into their writing blocks and challenges.

I’m not talking about a huge, time-consuming process.  With a modest commitment of time, these writers quickly get back to writing consistently and enjoying their writing again.

I’m here to remind you today that your own creative river is always within you, thrumming beneath the surface.

Rather than rely on accidental creative spurts or writing breakthroughs, isn’t it time to learn a simple system to fire up your creativity on-demand?

Isn’t it time to write consistently and feel amazing about life again?

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