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BEFORE You Put Your Butt in the Chair…

by Marla Beck

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Before you get your manuscript out of the drawer….before you make plans to finish writing your book…before you sit down and resume your revisions or your writing…

…there’s an important task you must do first.


Self-forgiveness is the fastest path to an energized, clean start with your writing.
Self-forgiveness feels amazing too, and will open up your creative channels like never before.
Self-forgiveness is one of the best productivity hacks out there!
And very easy to do.

BEFORE You Put Your Butt in the ChairToday, I’d like to introduce you to “The Forgiveness Factor,” one of the most useful articles I’ve written on my blog. (And I’ve written a few.)

Click here to read “The Forgiveness Factor.” If you’re sitting on an unfinished project and you’re ready to get back to writing, I hope you’ll take my simple advice.

Why? Because I don’t want to see you wasting a single other moment of your precious writing life.

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