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Writing Productively After Work – Can It Be Done?

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How to Write Productively

After You Come Home From the Office

It isn’t always easy to sit down and write productively after a full day’s work.

Often my clients tell me they’re tired –- understandably so. Commutes, team meetings and hours spent writing, analyzing, pitching, proofing or planning…all these activities often demand significant physical, intellectual and emotional energy. Even the most committed aspiring authors find it challenging to focus and write productively after working all day.

Yet, writing productively after work can be done.

Write Productively After Work – Strategy #1: Work out first.

When clients first consult with me, many secretly feel disappointed and frustrated with themselves. These highly capable, ambitious women and men often struggle to settle into productive writing after a full day at the office. Why? Some tell me they must be “lazy,” “undisciplined” or “not motivated enough.”

I disagree. Most of the time, these driven men and women aren’t lacking drive or motivation. They simply need to stop treating themselves like a machine, and instead give themselves the opportunity to transition from work to home to writing. The easiest way to do this? Work out before sitting down to write.

I walk my talk with this tip. Most every day before the writing session that kicks off my work for the day, I reserve the first 30 to 60 minutes of the day for exercise. (I’m sure you may work out early in the day, as well.) I enjoy walking the hills or trails near my office. Other days, I quietly close the office door, dim the lighting, change into workout clothes and do a favorite workout DVD.

I’ve noticed that working out before writing benefits me in several ways.


  • Wakes up mental clarity.
  • Fires up physical energy.
  • Allows the subconscious mind to access fresh solutions.
  • Discharges the natural anxiety that arises whenever writers transition from the busyness of life to a writing or creative session.

After a full day of work, imagine how good it would feel, and how much more focused and productive you would feel, with an infusion of fresh mental, creative and physical energy. All it takes is the conscious decision to resource yourself, and you’re on your way to productive writing after a day at the office.

Take Action Challenge:

Allow yourself to devote 15 minutes to moving your body before you write. You don’t have to sweat or work to capacity. Our goal is simply to get you moving. Just stretch. Do some calisthenics. Do a workout video. Dance.

As you move, try not to think about anything but the present moment. Allow your energy to rebound. Sometimes you can actually feel the anxiety from your day — or your pending writing project — leave your body.

After even the most modest of workout sessions, you are going to feel your writing focus and productivity enliven. Imagine: no matter how bad the traffic was on the way home from the office, you can write productively and well once you get home.

If you choose.

Your productive writing sessions start long before you sit down to the page.

With love from your coach,


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