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Let This Go and Watch Your Productivity Soar.

by Marla

in brilliant productivity

In today’s video tip, I offer you a new perspective on productive writing.  So often, we focus on what we need to do.  In today’s tip, I share with you the one thing you need to give up:
“Let This Go and Watch Your Productivity Soar”

In other news, I’ll be publishing my newsletter on Tuesdays, starting next week.  Look for my next issue on January 3rd, and wherever you are, wishing you a warm and happy turn to your new year.
with love from your coach,
p.s. – Have you heard about my new, 60-day Productive Writing Practice coaching program? I’ve opened up space in January to discuss your writing challenges and see if this powerful 60-day program is a fit for you.  If you’re serious about making 2017 your best writing year yet, email us at <> and tell us a bit about your writing goals and challenges.  if it seems like we’re a good fit for working together, we’ll be in touch soon to help you book a complimentary call with me.
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